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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "Marquez in the official team? We already have a high level"

"Coming from  a long time on the Honda factory bike could bring something extra, but there is no need. Was Sunday's race a masterpiece? I prefer to avoid self-praise. Did I try new things in the test? No, only what was already verified on Friday."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Sunday afternoon's triumphant rider Pecco Bagnaia finished the day of testing at the same Jerez de la Frontera circuit third overall in the timesheets.

"A good part of the many things we tried today were geared toward decreasing the vibrations and we had already tried them on Friday, when we usually just try to adapt, so we just double-checked and the sensations were positive. Later we focused on a set-up that could help us on tracks with less grip like Barcelona. It was not easy since the grip was very high, even better than yesterday in the race. Since the first laps it was possible to lap in 1'36", so it was not very useful," he analyzed.

Is there more energy when you come to a test after winning?

"I try to turn the page right away. Sunday was great, we even had a lovely dinner with the team, but the focus is on the present and the need to improve and we actually took a new step forward. Among the new elements tried was the front tire, but at that time the wind was strong. In braking the response was good, instead I noticed differences on the right side compared to the old one, but maybe it was not the right circuit for this kind of test, not to mention that it was not very hot."

Going back to the previous talk about vibration, the Chivasso rider explained, "During the weekend, thanks to the modifications, we didn't have any, but we need to be cautious. At Montmelo we will know more because it is a critical track. The feeling is that the more grip there is, the more the bike vibrates, but it did not occur here."

Asked if he had seen himself in action again, he replied, "I watched the GP again in the pit together with a few people. In particular, I watched again and again the overtaking on the outside, the best moment. What could I have done better? The last lap. Was it a masterpiece? I don't like to praise myself, I prefer others to say that, however it was certainly a great and smart Grand Prix, one of management."

After such a success, was it better to race right away?

"It would have been just as good, but with the test close it would have been too much. As good as I am at closing the chapter, I still think that the sessions on Monday are more productive if the race went badly, as you try more things. Is it already clear how the World Championship will go? We are only at the fourth race. You have to enjoy what we have achieved," were his thoughts.

Would Marquez on the factory Ducati be a plus?

"He would come from 11 years on the Honda factory bike, so he would bring something extra and he would adapt well, however, today we are already at a very high level and very attentive to all the details," he concluded.


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