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MotoGP, Vergani: "If Ducati does not put Marquez on the official team, Rivola will try to bring him to Aprilia"

"Marc is a mix of Valentino and Stoner, he gives zero damn about money, he just wants the bike to win. Marc doesn't want to quit Ducati, Pramac could be a solution, but so could staying in Gresini with factory treatment. Martin? KTM is thinking about him."

MotoGP: Vergani:

Who will be Pecco Bagnaia's teammate in Ducati next year? This is one of the questions that will accompany us during the next few weeks as we wait for the reservations to be lifted in Borgo Panigale.

On the subject, we caught up with Alberto Vergani, one of the best-known managers in the MotoGP and Superbike paddock, who wanted to offer us his point of view on the issue. We spoke with him about this and much more.

"Marquez, on Gresini's Ducati, made us see again the champion and the talent that he is," he began, "in my opinion he is a mix between Rossi and Stoner, because he has the guile of Valentino and the talent of Casey. To date he is third in the World Championship and, without the brake problem in Austin, he would have had a few more points in the World Championship. I think Marc has removed the doubts of many and Honda's current position is confirmation of that."

Alberto, putting you on-the-spot here: what will Gigi do in your opinion?
"The best solution would be to bring Martin to the official team and Marc to Pramac, preventing Campinoti from going to Yamaha. This would be the ideal scenario, however, there are so many dynamics at play and Gigi certainly has an eye on Marquez. In this whole affair there is only one certainty."

What's that?
"Marc gives zero damn about the money, because if he gave a damn he would have stayed in Honda to get the 20 million. Marc just wants a bike of the latest evolution that will allow him to win, have fun and be happy, just as we see him now. The way he is, I would also keep him in Gresini with full factory treatment."

If he does not go to the factory team what market scenarios would open up?
"Rivola will make sure to bring him to Aprilia. Should Aleix retire, I think they will make an attempt to get him, considering that the RS-GP is a very competitive bike and is the only one to have won this year outside of Ducati. Vinales is a very good rider and is getting important results. If Rivola were to place the Marquez coup, it would be something really extraordinary for Aprilia, which would bring Noale to fight for the titles."

What about Martin?
"Jorge is Guidotti's protégé. If Ducati doesn't bring Martin to the factory team, I'm of the opinion that KTM will go on the offensive right away, strong in their economic power. I think KTM will not want to waste any time, as soon as Pecco's partner is outlined, they will immediately go on the attack to join Acosta in the factory team."

Alberto Vergani what would you do if you were Domenicali and Dall'Igna?
"I have a soft spot for Marc, because like Gigi I am someone who loves pure talent. Personally I would bring Marquez to the factory team alongside Pecco, forming a stellar team. Obviously Ducati cannot afford to lose a rider like Marc, although I am of the opinion that he does not want to lose Ducati after only one year."


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