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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Marquez in 2025 could be alongside Bagnaia in Ducati"

"His goal this year should be to be the best Ducati rider with the 2023 bike. Dall'Igna wants to have the best riders in his ranks, and I'm sure they will want him to stay with them in the future if he continues to ride as he did in his debut."

MotoGP: Lorenzo:

Jorge Lorenzo has never made it difficult to speak and express his opinion, let alone now that he works as a commentator for DAZN in Spain.

Porfuera's opinion is that Marc Marquez could, next year, team up with Francesco Bagnaia in the Lenovo Ducati team.

"I absolutely think so," said Jorge, commenting on the Qatar GP in which Marc hit 4th place, " Ducati has the best bike and can choose the rider pairing they want for 2025 and the future. From the outside, it seemed that Ducati was not particularly enthusiastic about Marquez's arrival. However, I don't think Dall'Igna thinks that way, and Marc's relationship with Ducati goes through Gigi, whose opinion is crucial. Dall'Igna is the one in Ducati who was most supportive of Marquez's arrival. After all, he wants to have the best riders in his ranks and I am sure they will now support him and want him to stay with them in the future if he continues to ride as he did on his debut."

This was also the opinion of Francesco Guidotti , who recently said he does not believe Marquez will want to change bikes again at the end of 2024.

There is the problem, however, that this year Magic Marc will ride the GP23 for the entire season, and not the official Ducati.

"I'm sure Marquez if he had the choice, he would opt for the 2024 ," Lorenzo stressed, " But he won't be able to change things. He has to forget this disadvantage on a psychological level and make the most of the 'package' he has. This is a season in which the GP24 is significantly faster than the old one, and this is obviously not good for Marc. So his goal should be to be the best Ducati rider with the 2023 bike. In any case, I don't think the gap is insurmountable."

According to Marc's former teammate in Honda, of course, the 8-time world champion made the right decision by leaving the house of the golden wing for the satellite team Gresini.

"On a sporting level, he made the best possible decision. Marc is one of the best riders in history and the only one I have ever known who is virtually unafraid of falling or getting hurt. We probably won't see the Marc of yesteryear again because of the serious arm injury, but he will still be very, very good."

This is the 'minus a few things' Marquez that our own Carlo Pernat often talks about. The fact remains that he had virtually no other real options.

"Yamaha and Honda have been a disappointment in Qatar. They are still very far behind."

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