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SBK, Redding: "Today for the first time I didn’t feel limited by the BMW"

"I can finally push the bike the way I want and I know I can. I made some small changes and the new swingarm is a huge step forward for us. I didn’t finish the tests with it, there was a tragedy on the track."

SBK: Redding:

The home atmosphere is certainly good for Scott Redding, who today for the first time since starting his adventure on the BMW in SBK is back in the top part of the standings. At the end of Friday, the Briton took third position behind Rea and Razgatlioglu, two opponents that until last year he regularly challenged on the track and that this season he had only seen from afar.

A step forward made possible by the new swingarm brought to the track by BMW, which Redding had tried relatively little during testing. From what we learned today, in fact, during the private tests there was a tragedy on the track that involved another rider and Redding decided not to continue the test out of respect.

"We did some tests, but honestly I didn't lap much - explained Redding - because there was a fatality on the track and as a matter of respect I decided to go home, despite the fact that there were important things to try. But I changed some things about the bike, like the opening of the handlebars and the gear position, all things that allow me to feel more comfortable in the saddle. I was struggling to find the right position, but now I have found good feelings and the new swingarm represents a good step forward for us. Maybe it's still early, but I think it's absolutely the right direction and today we saw how we went. "

How does the new swingarm help you?

"It improves the grip when we are inclined, an aspect that made us suffer a lot before. You also feel more grip in general and the bike is quicker in direction changes. I feel we need even more acceleration, so I can say it's a good start but we still need something. I think this is in any case the biggest change we have made on the bike and I'm happy with the result, I have got something I was looking for on the bike. "

But why is this component so important?

"When the bike is very inclined, the suspensions fail to work well and you need to rely on the flexibility of the frame and swingarm and also of the wheels. Then the new swingarm also helps in braking, it is a component that has a huge function on the bike, from many points of view. Many manufacturers work on it constantly, in every discipline. It also serves to give the rider the feelings he is looking for and not all riders are happy with the same feelings. For example Tom Sykes last year rode this bike with a completely different style from mine ".

Was it the change you wanted?

"Of course it's something I expected from my first test, but I have a very long list of requests and for a long time this list went unchecked. Now the list is getting smaller and we can see the progress, it is a matter of taking and improving small things in every area. I always want to improve, whether it's a tenth or half a second, I don't care, the important thing is to see that things improve. This is the first step; the challenge remains to completely close the gap from those in front. We need to improve many details ".

In short, the development work has certainly not stopped.

"In every session on the track we work on something, we develop some aspects of the bike. We are certainly not at perfection, but today for the first time I was able to show what I can do with this bike, I made up many positions in the standings. I felt limited by the bike and this represents a big step forward for me. Today I felt I could push myself to the maximum and basically all that I needed was to change the handlebars".

Is the podium a mirage?

"I don't know, the podium would be perfect. The pace is good and I feel good but I have to understand how the others will work. Jonathan might take a step forward, just like the others. I also have to find something tomorrow, then I know that in the race things could be different. This is a tough race, on a very demanding track from a physical point of view. You have to be in good shape until the end and I feel good. "


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