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Di Giannantonio: "Today's MotoGPs are like F1. Onward like this."

"Being the pinnacle of motorcycling, it is right to adopt extreme solutions. The new rules? I look forward to them. I'm sure they will unleash the engineers. The French GP? Beautiful track, I have everything to do well."

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio:

Author of a decidedly encouraging start to the 2024 World Championship Fabio Di Giannantonio showed up in Le Mans quite pumped up, for the weekend that is about to kick off, but also for the tomorrow of the series.

"Thanks to the aerodynamic innovations we should go better here," he began his reflection, " I have to say that I really like the current MotoGPs because they remind me of F1. So it will be interesting to find out if the 2025 regulations will bring benefits in terms of head-to-head, as at the moment it is difficult to hang on to the leaders. In my opinion initially we will all be in the same boat and there will be balance, but then when the more experienced engineers unearth gray areas in the regulations, I am sure anomalous solutions will emerge."

Curiosity about the unknown thus reigns supreme. "It's kind of like when motorcycle upgrades come in. You can't wait to try them out. Knowing that we will have new things on the engine front, aerodynamics and various devices adds spice, although as mentioned, in my opinion the goal for the future remains to have a more compact group to guarantee more battles."

Between now and the next two/three years, it is known that speeds will continue to be very high. "Effectively, every championship the track record is being filed down by a second, although only small things are being worked on. The feeling is not to go so fast. Perhaps this is to blame for the tires and the evolution of the vehicles themselves. However, it's okay. The premier class must be the ultimate expression of technology and engineering, which is also why I am convinced that the new rules will provide new input in this regard."

Finally, on expectations for the French round, Diaggia has no doubts: "We are coming from a positive moment, where we are close to the guys in front, plus I like the track itself and in the past I almost won. In the test we tried some things that could help us, consequently I can't wait to get on the saddle."

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