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MotoGP, Bastianini satisfied despite knowing he still has to improve in the wet

"Today, despite being very conservative, I got a good result, not as a position but as a gap. I have to improve especially in T4, it's where I lost the most time."

MotoGP: Bastianini satisfied despite knowing he still has to improve in the wet


by Mattia Caimi

Bastianini was happy with the work done today and his time gap from the leaders but a 14th place in FP2 and a 16th in the combined did not fully satisfy the Rimini rider, who is aware that he has to make up for this shortcoming in the future.

"I got some experience in the wet, we didn't go as bad as the graphics say and we are consistent. I still have to improve in the wet, I'm not as good as in the dry. In FP1 I made a good step forward, but with more water, like in FP2, it was a bit dangerous and I wasn't able to push 100%."

Do you think the more experienced riders struggle less in these conditions?

"Yes, it's more difficult for a rookie, especially managing the rear in the wet, tomorrow I'll try to improve this to be faster."

Mandalika was not a "normal" wet race ...

"Mandalika was completely different, the asphalt had a lot of grip, it's very slippery here and it's hard to understand where the limit is."

At the end of FP2 it was very wet, do you think it was too dangerous?

"Yes, especially the last 5 minutes when it rained very hard, the condition was at the limit, there were 5 meters of water (he jokes)".

Why haven't you found confidence in the wet yet?

"My strong point is using the front and at the moment I don't feel as good as in the dry conditions. But when I look at the data, I understand that I have the same problem with the rear and when I open the throttle and it is something I am struggling with at the moment ".

What do you think of this weekend when it might rain every day?

“Yes, it will probably rain again tomorrow, I don't know for qualifying but it probably will in FP3. But I hope it rains less and that the grip is better ".

How does a rider improve in the wet? Is it a matter of doing a lot of laps?

“Yes, at first it can help to gain confidence, but then you have to look at what others are doing who are faster. Today as an example we have Pecco and Jack who always go fast in the wet. I have to improve especially in T4, that's where I lost the most time. "

If the race were dry, could having the data of last year's bikes that went very fast here, when Pecco won, be the secret weapon?

“Yes and no, it's a very particular track. You can look at the data but you have to adapt to the setup and the conditions are different, it's colder. It will be a race ready to go, we will be able to try the dry conditions only in the warm-up, I hope tomorrow too but it’s going to be tough ".

Is the wet the last weak point you have left?

“Yes, but today despite being very conservative I got a good result, not as a position but as a gap. This morning I had a small problem but I would have been further up, I'm quite happy "


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