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MotoGP, Bastianini: "How to improve? Queuing up with Marquez is a good trick"

"I have a problem in T3, but my Ducati responds well. Even in previous years I suffered in that sector and I don't know why, but in the fast corners they are among the strongest. The choice of tires? They will use soft for the Sprint and medium for the GP."  

MotoGP: Bastianini:

The first free practice session at the Jerez circuit saw him close with the 13th time, while in the afternoon he climbed to eighth place. For this Enea Bastianini filed Friday quite satisfied, but not too much.

"I was hoping to be a bit ahead, but in T3 I always make mistakes that prevent me from being incisive. I have to say it's my weak point every year on this track, because on the rest of the track I'm in line with the others. We are all very close together, so I will have to try to improve in that area for tomorrow," he said, "Overall, the sensations in the saddle were not bad and the bike responded well. Later I will analyze the telemetry and in particular the data of Marquez, who is very strong in the left turns. I, on the other hand, lose time on the apex. It's strange because on the right ono is strong. In sector 4 where the changes of direction are fast, I am one of the fastest."

Will absence in 2023 be a disadvantage?

"I don't think it will weigh or even help me. Last championship I had participated only on Fridays and I remember struggling. Does my bike hop less than other Ducatists? It could be due to my riding style. I focus more on the front, while I don't exploit the rear as much. I push a lot on entry, kind of like Marc does. Bagnaia and Martin do the opposite."

And just on the subject of Pecco, when asked if the technique he used of queuing up with the Cervera champion to figure out how to approach Turn 7 was the correct one, the Romagna native replied, "I think so. Beyond the data, observing while in action is the best thing."

Finally on the choice of tires, which should fall on the soft for the Sprint and the medium for the race, he clarified, "Personally today I used the medium to accumulate a few laps and understand its potential, others preferred the soft. In light of the pace however, I think that will be the arrangement."


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