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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "choosing between Martin, Bastianini and Marquez makes my legs tremble."

"And in fact we are giving everyone the best material possible. The difference between the GP24 and the 23? This year the difference is a little bigger. That 1.37.4 on the last lap cut Marquez's legs off."

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

Gigi Dall'Igna is always calm after the race is over and even during it he rarely allows himself to externalize over the top. After all, he is an engineer and is used to evaluating things from a technical point of view, leaving no room for enthusiastic behavior..

That is why he did not seem emotional when asked what he felt during the Grand Prix and whether he suffered during the fratricidal duel with the other Ducatisti.

"Actually it's been a few years that we have seen a fratricidal fight between Bagnaia and Martin," recalled Gigi, who added, " This year there is also some more and from other brands. But we are focused on still improving our bike."

Bagnaia said he places this Grand Prix win in the top five of his career.

"Pecco had one of his best races, and honestly I've seen a lot of them. For me the best moment was the braking on the outside at the start, and then how he resisted Marquez ... at the end he set an incredible time. Today he proved that he deserves his two world titles. The first laps and the start were two key phases of the race, starting in front gives you a hand, and the front tire also gives you a hand because it doesn't overheat. But it's like that for all the riders on the grid."

The duel with Marc Marquez did not have such a foregone conclusion.

"I think Pecco's 1.37.4 he set at the end of the race made the difference, because it cut off Marquez's legs. And in that moment there he won the race."

Three Ducatis on the podium, and two others in the top five. The new GP24 and the 23. What is the difference between the two.

"Between the GP23 and the 24, this year the difference is a bit bigger than in past years. Then, of course, it depends on the tracks, and for example here in Jerez the difference is smaller."

Now the responsibility of making a choice on the rider who will join Bagnaia in the factory team in 2025 is all on Gigi Dall'Igna's shoulders. Quite a responsibility, because it will mean deciding on the careers of three champions.

"Yes, we have this responsibility and in fact we are giving everyone the best possible material," stressed Gigi, who then added, " but for sure, however it goes, we will have to say no to some important riders. It's a decision that makes my legs tremble, just having to make it."

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