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MotoGP, Bastianini: "Difficult choice for Ducati, knows my potential"

"Today I had the pace to try to win, but I made some mistakes over the weekend and that's how it went. I would have liked to fight with Martìn, Marquez and Bagnaia for the win, but this 4th place came."

MotoGP: Bastianini:

Enea Bastianini will certainly have eaten his hands at the end of the French Grand Prix in Le Mans. In qualifying he wasted the opportunity to take pole with a fall and in the race it was a long lap penalty that probably deprived him of a podium that seemed absolutely within his reach, given the pace he showed. In fact, Bastianini finished just 2.2 seconds behind Martìn, while after the long la penalty his gap exceeded 6 seconds.

A wasted opportunity for Enea, who won big at Le Mans in 2022 and who probably would have deserved more today. It would have been nice to see him part of the duel involving Martìn, Marquez and Bagnaia, not least because he would have been up against the very two riders who are vying to snatch the Ducati Factory from him from 2025.

"Personally it bothers me not to have been able to battle with them, that's what matters to me - Enea's words - then it's clear that you always have to look to the future, to what will happen. But I missed an opportunity, a waste. And I'm pissed about that, very much. I'm frustrated, today it would have been important to try to win and I had the pace to do it. After the contact with Aleix I took the long lap, I tried to close the gap but it was not possible."

Would you have beaten them?
"I think I would have gone for the win, that yes. When I'm alone on the track I can always give something more, and it's a shame I wasn't part of the battle for the win because I would have enjoyed it."

You were the fastest in the race today, but many people already see you out of Ducati. How do you feel about that?
"I feel strange I would say. I am fast I know, but sometimes you also have to be lucky, you have to get some things stuck and at the moment for me it is not happening. I am angry about that, but I think Ducati knows my potential and what I can do on the bike. But it also knows what Jorge can do, who won the race today and is very fast. I know Ducati's decision is really difficult."

You took a big step forward from Jerez.
"In Jerez we tried some new solutions and we found one that works really well for me and allows me to be very fast with both new and used tires. I felt strong, I had confidence for this weekend. But I made some mistakes over the course of the weekend and that's how it went, a 4th place and that's it."

Did you talk to Aleix after your episode?
"I didn't talk to Aleix, but for me he would have gone long anyway, because to try to resist me he braked pretty late. I lost the rear and preferred not to try to close the corner anyway. I was sure I lost a second later, but I was wrong."

In your opinion was the long lap penalty wrong?
"I don't know how right it is, it's always difficult to understand certain things and I will have to get more information, I also asked the team and I haven't got an answer yet. I think I lost a second after the cut, but obviously that was not the case. It's not easy to tell whether or not you lost a second when you slow down, from the bike it's hard to tell."

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