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MotoGP, The doctor’s OK: Marquez can get back on the bike, Qatar isn’t a dream

His last visit confirmed bone consolidation, so Marc can step up his recovery program.

MotoGP: The doctor’s OK: Marquez can get back on the bike, Qatar isn’t a dream


In mid-March, I’ll undergo an important medical exam,” Marquez had stated  on the day of the Honda team presentation. His check-up took place yesterday and the results are comforting.

Honda’s official release  reads: “During the medical exam performed on Marc Marquez,  fourteen  weeks after surgery for an infected pseudarthrosis of the right humerus, the medical team led by doctors Samuel Antuña and Ignacio Roger de Oña clinically and radiographically verified a satisfactory progression of bone consolidation. From this moment on, Marquez can now intensify his strength and mobility recovery program in view of a gradual return to competitive racing.

In other words, the bone is no longer a problem and Marc can start thinking about getting back on his bike. It’s the news everyone was waiting for, and now we just have to see when it’ll happen. Marquez said he wouldn’t have gotten on a MotoGP right away, but now he has a couple of weeks to put himself to the test before the first race of the year in Qatar, precisely fourteen days from today, because the first free session program in Losail is scheduled for March 26th.

If all goes well, the Spanish champion could get on his Honda for the race, or wait another week and take part in the second scheduled race in Losail.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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