MotoGP, Marquez: "I won't be watching Dovi, I want to be the usual Marc"


Marc Marquez and the match points for the title, chapter one. The Buriram calendar has only been on the MotoGP calendar since last year but it's already looking likely to be the stage for a world championship celebration, Marc needing just two points more than Andrea Dovizioso to get the party started. And considering the current form of #93, this is no doubt possible.

“I'm trying to approach the weekend as normal, but I realise that it could be an important weekend, I'm also aware that we'll have other opportunities to become champion. I want to be the usual Marc, trying to prepare for the race, and we'll see how it goes, I don't want to focus on any one rider”.

In any case, it's hard to find a negative side to Marc's season so far, given that he's never done worse than second (in the races he has comlpeted).

"It's not a perfect season because perfection doesn't exist, but we've worked well. I've focused on my weak points, for example I've tried to crash less. The best thing is that at certain unfavourable tracks, I've finished second just tenths or thousandths from the winner. Now one aim is to finish all of the remaining races on the podium".

So the mission is to reach the podium at Buriram too, without calculating excessively.

“L’ast year Dovi and the Yamahas were quick here, but I want to try and win. This track might seem simple but in reality you have to manage various aspects. I immediately liked it in 2018 but I was losing a lot along the straights. Now I have a more powerful engine but we might lost in other areas. I'll need to be ready for any situation, as the race might even be wet. The rear will be different this year, it should give me more grip so the bike will behave differently”.

If he achieves a podium, the world title is likely, which will inevitably mean commemorative t-shirts. Winning a title is an event to celebrate but for a champion like Marc winning at one track rather than another can bring a different flavour.

"I never want to know about the t-shirt, but I've already seen more people than usual on the team (he laughs). I wouldn't change that feeling of crossing the line to become champion at Valencia for anything, but I'd happily trade the feelings I have before the race itself".

In conclusion, #93 comments on Superbike, and touches on his 2020 rivals.

I follow Superbike because it's another important championship, èit's been interesting to watch this season. The categories are different, for example Alvaro was in MotoGP last and now he's in Superbike, it's hard to say whether I'll have the opportunity to meet any SBK riders ni the future. Quartararo is now the youngest in MotoGP and one of the fastest, I think he's the guy with most outright speed. Now he just needs experience, but next year he'll undoubtedly be a rival for the title”.

Audio recorded by Marco Caregnato


Translated by Heather Watson

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