MotoGP, Pernat: “Rossi is not nearing the end, but he has the head of a 40-year old”

“He has the wrist and physique of a 25-year old, but no longer takes risks: he's a third to sixth-placed rider. But he must stay in this world, because people need to see him and support him”


Let's get straight to the point: from what we saw in practice and qualifying at Silverstone, it looked as if Valentino Rossi might be fighting for the win come race day, but instead his ambitions went up in smoke after the first few laps. Alex Rins came out smiling, snatching the win from Marc Marquez with a Dovi-style pass.

The Spaniard was beaten once more, and yet his lead has nevertheless increased to 78 points over Andrea Dovizioso, taken out on lap one by Quartararo's Yamaha.

This is what happened at the lastest round in the words of our very own Carlo Pernat.  

So the martian can be beaten? In both Austria and the UK, we've seen Marquez lose on two consecutive occasions. I think the defeat to Dovi weighs more heavily on him, as that was a win by a real rider who beat him as he has done to others. The Rins defeat weighs less heavily, as Marc perhaps made some incorrect tyre and set-up choices. In Austria it was Andrea's talent, while here at Silverstone it was his mistake. The fact is that, despite it all, he has a 78-point advantage in the championship and I think at this point that he can win the title already in Thailand, four races early. A great thing for him, less so for the other riders, as we are looking at undisputed domination. Dovi was unlucky, it's like he's a magnet for negative things. A pity because after his last win, he could have scored an important result, despite the Ducatis suffering at Silverstone. Then there's the Valentino question. I don't think he's nearing the end, I see him as a 25-year old with the wrist and physique of a 25-year old. The fact is though that his head is that of a 40-year old and that means you take less risks, and the wrist feels this. I see him as always coming close to the podium, his position between third and sixth, and he knows this too. Recently, I think he's asked himself questions. He's been able to complete some great practices, though he hasn't been able to achieve his goal in the races, because it's not easy. He needs to remain in this world though, because the people need to see him and support him, but they must also understand that he's a third to sixth place rider. Then there might be strange situations, like Misano, where he can reach the podium. He's a living legend anyway and he knows all this.”     

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Translated by Heather Watson

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