MotoGP, Rossi: "I love Silverstone and also like Yamaha"

"You need good sensations and stability. Being fast here is a pleasure." Vinales optimistic: "The new asphalt will be an advantage for us."


If there's a circuit that Yamaha can look at with more hope than usual, that's Silverstone. Long, technical, very ridden. You need a bike that will slide through the corners and, on paper, the M1 is ideal.

We'll have to wait for the verdict from the track to be sure, and the weather forecasts seem lenient. There will be plenty of time to work. Especially for Valentino, who has been seeking a podium for months.

His last victory in England dates back to 2015, while he was 3rd in the two subsequent editions.

"I love Silverstone. It's among my five favorite circuits, and I like it a lot because it's an old-fashioned track," Rossi bluntly admits. "It's very long. Completing a lap is like taking a trip from one place to another, and it's technique. It has everything. When you're fast, it's a pleasure to ride on this track."

The point is, they'll just have to be competitive.

"I have fond memories on this circuit, but it all depends on the weather," he observed."Racing in Silverstone with bad weather is scary because you go very fast, but I hope for a weekend like the one we had in 2017, with sunshine."

The Doctor knows what he needs and hopes Yamaha will indulge him.

"You need good sensations and stability to be fast," he explained. "Even in the hairpin bends, there are fast points, and there are also long corners. This makes it a track where Yamaha is competitive. I hope for good weather because last year was a nightmare."

Maverick Vinales: "The new asphalt will be an advantage for us."

Maverick Vinales also left for England on the warpath. The Spanish rider has always been competitive at Silverstone, since his Moto3 days, and wants to keep this tradition alive.

"I really like Silverstone, and I'm going to try to give it my all from the first lap," he promised. "It's a track where you have to stay up front from the beginning and push at your maximum limit. I won my first race in MotoGP here. I have fond memories."

Maverick is optimistic.

"I think it's a circuit that can be very favorable to our bike, and we can be competitive thanks to the new asphalt," he said. "I expect a better grip and, when this happens, it's to our advantage. My goal remains the same: to always be the best Yamaha at the finish line."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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