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MotoGP, Pernat: “The Yamaha crisis will continue into 2019”

“Lorenzo stratospheric, magnificent, he now has the Ducati in his hands and head, but it will take a martian to stop Marquez”

MotoGP: Pernat: “The Yamaha crisis will continue into 2019”


The Red Bull Ring is still red. Thanks this time to Jorge Lorenzo, who beat Marc Marquez in a head to head to score his third win on board the Ducati. Despite crossing the line second, the six-time champion extends his championship lead, also aided by Valentino Rossi's difficult weekend. The Doctor could only settle for sixth place, the gap to the front now 59 points.

Here's what went down at the latest MotoGP, according to our ever watchful Carlo Pernat.  

“In this race, Marquez attempted one of the greatest feats of his career, trying to beat the Ducatis, if he'd have pulled it off, it would have been like a Botticelli. He didn't manage it because he was faced with a stratospheric Lorenzo,  who now has the red bike firmly in his grasp and mind. Puig has done well to secure Jorge for 2019, although he'll have two roosters in the henhouse. The pair will raise the bar, particularly Marquez. You ask how? Perhaps Marc will do so by crashing less. The bar will definitely be set very high for next year's championship. Back to Ducati and despite the red bike having won, Marquez has extended his lead. This proves that you cannot beat Marquez, it would take a martian to stop him. In Yamaha, the Furusawa phase is over and a new one has begun, however there is a lack of ingenuity among the engineers. This will be a big problem, as the crisis will continue into next year and the gap continues to increase. Rossi can say his piece at certain tracks, like in Malaysia or Australia, but for the rest the situation is complicated, seeing as Vinales has totally gone to pieces”.    





Translated by Heather Watson

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