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MotoGP, Vinales: "My future? I don't think I find it in the development of another bike"

"I haven't made a decision yet, but I will do everything that will allow me to reach my full potential. The rider market? Mugello will be a crucial race, by Assen many riders will be clear about their future."

MotoGP: Vinales:

The Barcelona weekend had left a bitter taste in the mouth of Maverick Vinales, who had expected to collect more on the circuit that had rewarded Aprilia with a historic one-two last season. In fact, the Spaniard ended the weekend with an 8th place finish in the sprint and a 12th in the long race. The championship standings tell a different story, however, the Spaniard fifth in the standings with 87 points places the Aprilia as the first of Ducati's rivals, which occupies the first four positions.

A reference point then in view of the championship, and an additional arrow to the Spaniard's bow in view of the contract renewal. Maverick seems not yet to have made a decision regarding his future, although after the announcement of Aleix's retirement at the end of the year, it is plausible that Aprilia is still banking on him. Much will therefore depend on market movements following Ducati's decision on the official seat, which is expected to take place between the Mugello and Assen rounds.

"In Barcelona we struggled," Vinales interjected, "what matters is to have learned from it, although I haven't had the meeting with the technicians yet, but for sure I had a problem with the front, that's clear. Now we go from one of the circuits with less grip to one of the circuits with more grip, here it will be all the opposite. Barcelona was a difficult weekend, Mugello on the other hand will be a challenge."

Will the RS-GP24 suit Mugello?
"We'll know more tomorrow, but I hope so. We will have to work quickly on the setup from the first sessions so that we can get a good result in qualifying and the races."

With Aleix's retirement announced last weekend, this could change your role in the team. Do you already have in mind where your next future will be, whether in Aprilia or elsewhere?
"I haven't made a decision yet, I think it is still early, but I will definitely do what is best for my career. I know I can still be very fast, after Austin I see things more clearly and what I can achieve when everything goes right, so my goal is to figure out where to be able to maximize my potential. Right now my agreement is with Aprilia and I'm very focused this season to have a good championship with them, but for the future I haven't decided yet."

If you had the opportunity to devote yourself to developing a bike, even if it wasn't the fastest, would that be a viable option?
"I would like to find my full potential, do you think I could find it there? It' s difficult, honestly right now I don't see it possible, then I don't know if things will be different in the future. My decision will be based solely on performance, on what I'm trying to achieve here where I am now."

The rider market right now is waiting for Ducati's decision.
"I think by Assen would be a good time to unlock it, so in that sense I think Mugello will be a crucial race for many riders. By then most of us will have pretty clear ideas about our future. After Mugello we will have a break, which is a good opportunity to reflect. I will try to make a decision at Assen."

In an interview with DAZN Massimo Rivola said you will be part of Aprilia's future.
"I think it was a misunderstanding, we haven't made anything official yet, it's new to me. For sure, however, I will do everything that will allow me to express my potential even better. I am lucky, my future is already settled, also for my children, so now I can focus on results."

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