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MotoGP, Grassilli: "The market? We'll surprise you with special effects, but no announcement at Mugello."

"Pecco's teammate? We're starting to lay down important foundations. We're on the right track. Bagnaia was wonderful in both strategy and race management. We have an in-house exorcist. From a cursed circuit to a blessed one."

MotoGP: Grassilli:

Pecco Bagnaia resurged on Sunday in Barcelona, and the party exploded within Ducati. Mauro Grassilli enjoyed the rider from Piedmont's third triumph of the season, as he relaunched the World Championship challenge against Jorge Martin.

At the end of the race, Borgo Panigale's Sports Director expressed his satisfaction with the result.
"I enjoyed this victory of Pecco's victory today, especially his strategy and the intelligence with which he managed the race, considering yesterday," he said. "It was a wonderful and strategic race."

With today's success, Pecco left yesterday's difficulties behind him.
"We have an exorcist in the house. It was a cursed circuit, and the blessed one came and blessed it," he said, smiling. "Yesterday was a bitter day, because Pecco fell, but he managed to resolve things today. When the sprints don't go well, we try to look immediately towards tomorrow, and this is the best cure to heal the previous day."

Grassilli was then asked if he had a chance to talk with Bagnaia yesterday.
"My strategy is not to talk to the riders because there are already so many people around them like Gigi and Davide. We talk quietly on Saturday night as if nothing has happened and it's a normal race weekend."

Lastly, he commented the market.
"We'll surprise you with special effects," he said jokingly. "The decision is as difficult as it was at the beginning of the championship. We're already starting to lay down some important foundations, and we're on the right track. But there won't be an announcement at Mugello."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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