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MotoGP, Story of a rediscovered flag: Bagnaia and the heirloom returned to Mugello

Francis Tutino participated as a track marshal at the Italian GP at Mugello and found along the track the flag with which Bagnaia was taking the lap of honor. Keep it or return it? Here's the answer

MotoGP: Story of a rediscovered flag: Bagnaia and the heirloom returned to Mugello

Sometimes you happen to finish your job as a marshal at the track and find an heirloom in your hands that can be a beautiful memory. But it can be both for you and for someone else, in this specific case for someone who has just won a Grand Prix . Here is the tale of Francis Tutino, whom we remember for some of his very special two-wheeled creatures. The flag the object of the find, Pecco Bagnaia the rider who was able to bring it home. This is Francis' story.

"This is my third year marshaling for MotoGP at Mugello and this go round it was special, many more spectators, Marquez in Ducati, Acosta in MotoGP and the two factory Ducatis first and second!!! I definitely did less interventios but I had fun restarting a very good but unlucky Mattia Pasini, and at the end of MotoGP it happens that a few meters from me I see a tarp on the track that I promptly go to remove from the 'asphalt, and hear hear hear: it was the flag with which Bagnaia was celebrating the victory in the lap of honor. Those of you who know me know how much I love rock and motorcycles, and the Kiss from Mugello flag is the ultimate heirloom...that once-in-a-lifetime bang for your buck.

I could already picture it in the workshop or garage...maybe autographed. But....there's a though: What if he wants it back?

Of course, in my heart I hope not, but then again only one person could give me the answer...So after I finish my work on the track I try to see if with patience and luck I can meet the number one, and I wait for him like the others patiently outside the box. When he comes out and comes toward me I begin with: Francesco, you lost this one! He looks at me with an expression between delighted and incredulous and says: great! He was so worried about losing it...So I gave it back to him.

I wanted to tell him so many things, I wanted to congratulate him on the wedding, I wanted to tell him that my son goes crazy when he sees his bike on TV but when I realized that the heirloom was now back to its rightful owner everything clouded over. We took the picture together and a video where he thanks me that just because I am a lucky guy it came without sound. I noticed it right away but most likely it was a mistake due to the fact that I only had 4% battery left on my phone so by then it was gone...moreover In the end I waited almost two hours between that I entered the Paddock and Pecco's exit and during the wait I was filled with guilt because at home my wife and child, whom I have seen little to nothing this week, were waiting for was definitely time to go.

I don't quite understand how I feel about this situation as I walk to the parking lot I feel the famous "mixed feelings" and when I'm there to put on my helmet and go home I'm met by Guido Meda, who greets me and we hang up. How are you? How did it go? Et cetera.

Then I show him the picture with Bagnaia and when I tell him that I made him the flag he says, "Noooo but come on..." and there a strange flush assails me. Then he continues, "But then he really cared about it!"At that point I don't know whether I say it or think it and just that "eh, me too..." Because at that moment I realize that I feel my cheekbones getting wet...but f*ck...I wipe right away because come on, Francis up! Pull yourself together!!!

And Guido tells me: look you did a good thing, he will remember this moment, you did good. They continue chatting for a while and then we say goodbye. On the way home I think a lot, I also felt a little misfit because the last time I got "excited" was when I saw Alexander being born and before that... maybe when my much beloved grandfather passed away, but in the end I just released a little tension/emotions from the last period so it's okay come on.

As for "Francis' flag" yes, it could have been a nice heirloom, but I did the next best thing, I took it back to the winner, the owner and that's okay. If it had been mine, I definitely would have wanted it returned to me. In life, behave with others as you would want others to behave with you. Thank you Guido Meda. Thank you Francesco Bagnaia. Thank you to my colleagues at Mugello Circuit and everyone who made this weekend special.

See you next year Mugello!"

Automatic Translation by DeepL

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