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MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco, Pernat: "Mugello reborn with Italian one-two punch"

VIDEO - The end-of-race format with Carlo Pernat in the company of the excellent Prosecco DOC. At Mugello magnificent Ducati one-two with Bagnaia and Bastianini, in blue for the occasion. Enea overtakes Martin on the last lap, Marquez comes close to the podium and it's a Ducati triumph

MotoGP, Fast by Prosecco, Pernat: "Mugello reborn with Italian one-two punch"
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There could not have been a better time than June 2 in Italy to have a big Ducati party at Mugello. The poker obtained by Bagnaia, Bastianini, Martìn and Marquez was the perfect gift for the more than 156000 fans who finally colored the grandstands of the magnificent Tuscan track. Pecco dominated with talent and experience, reaffirming that he is No. 1 and closing the gap on Martìn to 18 points in the overall.

Our Carletto gives us his perspective on everything that happened on the track, sipping a sweet and cool glass of Prosecco DOC.

"What a show here at Mugello, luckily the weather did not compromise the race. The Italian one-two with Bagnaia and Bastianini of Ducati in a GP with so many fans, Mugello has been reborn. Pecco's race was extraordinary, he started in the lead and finished with a win. Martin tried to keep his pace. There are five riders who are above everyone else. They are Bagnaia, Bastianini, Martin, Marquez and Acosta, who as a rookie is getting incredible results.

They are the five who will dominate future championships. Enea's overtaking Martin at the last corner was fantastic, he recovered half a second in one lap. Bastianini proved his worth, while Marc Marquez showed that he can still fight for a title. We are waiting for Acosta, who being a rookie perhaps still has some problems, but he showed that the KTM is very competitive. A bit of disappointment for Aprilia in the home GP, Aleix looked tired and Vinales has the usual starting problems, he has to solve this problem.

We also expected something more from Yamaha. Morbidelli, on the other hand, showed that he is coming back. For now it is a hard-fought championship between two riders, but I would count four more, so many races to go. Bagnaia, Martin, Bastianini and Marquez are all contenders, the others are not yet at their level. It is a very fun championship, the return of Marquez has revitalized the show but the Ducatis are still the most competitive. There has been a lot of talk that the other Manufacturers are getting closer, but in terms of podiums it is still a Ducati domination. The others still have work to do, but the concessions are there for that very reason, but right now it's hard to beat the Ducatis."

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