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MotoGP, Mugello Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Bagnaia rocks and smashes his opponents, Bastianini overtakes and smiles, Marquez loses a podium but wins by betting on Red. Spoiling it all is (as always) Freddie Spencer

MotoGP: Mugello Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Azzurro, Mugello is too azzurro. Paolo Conte will surely forgive us for stealing (and mispronouncing) his words; we needed help to summarize an avalanche of emotions in a few words. The Mugello hills have changed colour: first there was yellow (Valentino's), then green (of empty grass viewing areas) and now red (of Ducati and Bagnaia). A feast of the republic of motors, which, however, has an enlightened despot in control. King Pecco was crowned in his park, with Bastianini in the role of prince. A better outcome it was hard to imagine.

THE GOOD - Bagnaia has a kind face, but a rock soul. He likes to play his Ducati and smash his opponents, putting on a festival of excellence. Fast he has always been, now he is also aware that he knows how to excite. He is not only a champion because of numbers, but also for the people. And that is no small thing.

THE BAD - Mr. Wolf solved problems, Mr. Spencer creates them. It was fate that wanted to put Freddie in the shoes of a judge, and now for the riders it's pain. His rulings are imaginative and often wrong. He has only succeeded in getting everyone to agree on the necessity of ousting him.

THE UGLY - It used to be that the home air invigorated the spirit and the results of the young Italian riders. It didn't work. Old lion Mattia Pasini gave them all a lesson in qualifying, hoping they can learn it. In Moto2 and Moto3, the tricolor flag is gathering dust.

DISAPPOINTMENT - The Veneto manufacturer's bikes must be indigestible with Tuscan cuisine because the Aprilia at Mugello seemed weighed down and out of shape. Vinales' stroke of genius to start with a different tyre than everyone else didn't help, but his brandmates did no better. Perhaps they were distracted by the scenery.

CONFIRMATION - Although he did not get onto the podium, Marc Marquez won his battle. He took advantage of his trip to Italy to visit a tailor and choose the best suit for next season, about the colour, however, there is no question: it will be red.

MISTAKE - Jorge Martin must have been distracted. Perhaps he was checking the route to Noale on the satnav. That was enough to crash on Saturday and lose second place on Sunday. Better to think about the future, in every sense of the word.

SURPRISE - Franco Morbidelli, forgive us the delay. He needed time, he took it, and now he is back to what we knew. He has arrived, we don't want him to go away again.

OVERTAKE - As in a referendum, you can choose between two options. Bagnaia's at the start or Bastianini's at the last corner. In neither case are you wrong.

CURIOSITY - After the interruption of the Moto3 race, the Moto2 race was shortened by 9 laps so as not to disturb preparations for the MotoGP one. Children of a lesser god? Worse, their father did not even acknowledge them.

TOLD YOU SO - Maverick Vinales: "Mugello will be a challenge." Lost.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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