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MotoGP, Di Giannantonio: "Too bad about the start, I threw away a chance"

"I apologized to the team because I was lacking today, the bike was going very well. The GP? We have good potential. Marquez's lightning starts? Ducati is working to help us." Bezzecchi: "One point is already something. I used the Sprint to prepare for tomorrow."

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio:

Starting from the sixth grid slot and sixth at the finish Fabio Di Giannantonio showed that he felt quite comfortable riding the Ducati.

"I'm half satisfied. Yesterday the bike was moving a lot and I couldn't ride the way I wanted, but we had a good reaction. The changes we made in the evening worked and the performance improved a lot. In qualifying we went strong. Too bad that in Q2 I couldn't do a real lap because when I had the tires ready to try to gain pole they showed the yellow flag. In the race, however, I made a mistake and in fact I apologized to the team guys because the bike was really good. I made the wrong start and threw away a chance. Tomorrow I will have to try to be more responsive. I also made a record quarter of an hour. It was a good feeling. I would have liked to try again, but here on the first lap you struggle because the front tire is not hot enough and when it became hot enough there was the accident of Martin and Morbidelli. I am happy with the work done. It was important to do well in Q2 and we did it. Are Marquez's starts to be studied? The interest of the brand is to get as many bikes in front as possible, so together with the engineers we are looking for a method to be able to improve from that point of view. As said though, today I was lacking at that stage. Forecast for the race? The potential is great and the response of the medium at the rear is good, so it will be tough and management, but I feel comfortable, so we can do well," commented the Roman rider.

Starting quite far back and finishing ninth in the Montmelo Sprint Race Marco Bezzecchi admitted some frustration with the current situation.

"Just one point? Not to be thrown away. Let's console ourselves this way. It was a complicated day even though in braking we improved and I started to turn strong. The problem is that although I set the time that was worth the pole last year I started 16th. It's tough because it's like we're two steps behind the others, so even if you catch up you're still behind. All in all we found some positives and hopefully that will happen tomorrow. What did I learn? I would say that in the conditions we are in, the Sprint should be used to gather information for the GP and so I did . Obviously I am not happy with how the weekend is going, so I would like to make up for it on Sunday. Grip problems? I didn't particularly suffer them. Let's just say that in the first three, four corners at the start I wasn't good enough to get ahead. I got stuck and getting back up after that is hard. The race, however, will be different because it is so long and the degradation is high. Can you get anything good out of the GP23 here? Diggia was fast on the flying lap, but also on the pace. I didn't do too bad either, in the final stages I was lapping like the leaders in the low 1'40, I am missing a few tenths though, which is too much now. Tonight there will be a lot of work to do. Should Marquez be copied for the starts? I too in Le Mans on Saturday got a good start, the problem is that our clutch can't be consistent, so on Sunday doing the same maneuver I wheelied. Having said that Marc is very good and instinctive in the first turns. I will try to study him and figure out how to find the right space," was the Romagna rider's analysis.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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