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MotoGP, First Top 5 of the year for Di Giannantonio: "One step at a time we are getting there"

Sunday with a bitter aftertaste instead for Morbidelli: "Three big mistakes affected my weekend, but I took a step forward"; Bezzecchi in the shade: "Usual problems, but we must not give up"

MotoGP: First Top 5 of the year for Di Giannantonio:

With the collaboration of Daniela Piazza

Fabio Di Giannantonio took his first Top 5 finish f the year at Barcelona. A good result for the Pertamina VR46 rider, which came after a race spent playing catch-up. The Roman rider can as a result be satisfied with what he has done, but above all aware of having raised the bar and approached the top positions.

"Unfortunately, I've been struggling in teh first two laps since the beginning of the year - he said - I don't feel the right confidence with the tires because it's like they're cold and I can't push like I want to. I always need two laps to warm them up and then I find the rhythm. The fact is that, in doing so, I lose so many positions in this MotoGP though."

Fabio then explained his race, "I had to do a different race than I expected because I was forced to recover. However, I remained calm, I found my pace and in the final stages I was the fastest on the track. Maybe I could have gained a few more positions, but in the end it is my first top five of the season and one step at a time we are getting there."

Now Fabio is heading for his home race, which is Mugello. "I can't wait, I hope what has changed so far will work next weekend, " he said, "At Mugello I would like to do something good. I still remember the pole position under the downpour and it would be really cool to be on the front row and on the podium again. It would be nice to experience an emotion like that but we are not that far away."

Morbidelli: "Three big mistakes this weekend, but we are close to getting good results."

It was a Sunday with a bitter aftertaste instead for Franco Morbidelli, victim of a crash in turn 5 that forced him to throw in the towel. The disappointment on his part is great, because Franco was aiming for the podium. At the same time, however, he sees the glass as half full.

"This weekend we took another step forward in general ," he said, " we are very close to getting good results, so I am happy. There were three big mistakes, namely the crash in my second time attack and two others in the race. When I tried to pass Binder to get to the podium I left the lowering device again losing a second in T4, so much so that Brad and Marquez passed me. I sensed I had the potential to get back under him, but I slid off in Turn 10. Too bad, because those three big mistakes affected the weekend, but we were very fast."

Now Franco heads for Mugello. "The goal is the podium like today," he admitted , "Raul slowed down and I wanted to jump into the fight with Marc and Aleix considering I was starting tenth. I would say it wasn't bad at all."

Finally, a comment about the start: "We improved even in the first laps, managing to gain and I think that's important."

Bezzecchi: "You have to try to not give up, otherwise it's better to stay at home."

Instead, there was not have much to be satisfied about with Marco Bezzecchi, who in the GP at Barcelona was unable to go any higher than 11th place. The problems of the beginning of the season continue to plague the Pertamina VR46 team rider, who hopes to make amends in the next round at Mugello.

"It could have been better today. We are still struggling and the problems are more or less always the same - acknowledged Marco - We sorted out the bike a little bit in braking, but I always have a feeling of understeer when I put the bike into the corners and on a critical track for the front like this one I had to be for 24 laps careful on the right and it's very difficult to be fast when you have to ride like that. We'll figure it out, though."

However, the Romagna rider is not throwing in the towel, although he does acknowledge that he is going through one of the most complicated moments since his debut in the premier class of MotoGP.

"You have to try to not give up. In the end I know what I can do and I have to try to keep that in mind. It's not easy, but if you give up in these moments, it's better to stay at home - noted - I think it's the most complicated moment since I've been in MotoGP, because there were also difficult moments in my rookie year, but they are there since you are a rookie. So far this year is not going the way I would like, but like I said you mustn't give up."

Back to struggling in Catalunya after the good feelings he had at Le Mans, Bezzecchi hopes to return to a smile at Mugello.

"I was going pretty well in Le Mans as well but unfortunately I made two mistakes, maybe because coming from this difficult moment I wanted to do a bit too much, knowing I could do two good races. Probably Le Mans, besides Jerez, is the place where I did a little better. Here unfortunately we went back to struggling a bit more. Hopefully at Mugello it will again go the way it did in Andalusia! - he said - For Mugello I've made a really nice helmet, very inherent with this period. I am happy that Mugello is coming. I need some warmth from our people. I always have a good amount of energy on me, but being at Mugello, which is basically nice, and having Vale helping us out, are all good things. We'll see."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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