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MotoGP, Poncharal: "Acosta? I'm realistic, we have little chance of keeping him with us"

"But it won't be a real loss, what matters is that he stays in the group, it's not just about where Pedro will ride next year. Now everyone is looking at us, in the Pierer Mobility Group we share the same understanding and vision of MotoGP

MotoGP: Poncharal:

The arrival of Pedro Acosta in MotoGP, who just a few days ago turned 20 years old coinciding with the Barcelona GP, has brought an air of freshness and novelty to the environment, adding another piece to the equilibrium of the 2024 season. A season that is proving to be increasingly hard-fought and in which the talent from Mazarron has already proven to be absolutely among the protagonists, as evidenced by the 83 points already accumulated and the sixth place in the standings.

Results that are making KTM dream, after having bet on the young Spaniard's career from the beginning and which, just 4 years after his arrival in Moto3, can now boast among its ranks one of the likely future protagonists of MotoGP in the coming years. Of course, Acosta's presence alone has primarily impacted his current team, that of GASGAS Tech3 owned by Hervè Poncharal. In a brief interview with our colleagues at Speedweek, Poncharal recounts the change the young enfant prodige brought to the team after a 2023 short on results following the accident of Pol Espargarò, now their test rider, and the performance of then-rookie Augusto Fernandez.

"Of all the years, last year was really difficult," Poncharal says , "but that's also part of the game. Not everything can go perfectly all the time. What is crazy and shows how competitive MotoGP is today is that in 2024 we only had one change in the whole system, which is Pedro Acosta. Everything else has remained the same. The team, the working methods, the communication, the strategy, everything has remained the same, but now we have a young man who has changed everything."

Pedro Acosta's debut has not only changed his own team, now all of MotoGP is watching him with great interest, especially after one of the best starts to a season ever for a rookie, which has already brought him up against experienced riders like Bagnaia and Marc Marquez on the track.
"His speed is just one aspect, " Poncharal continued , "His attitude and the way he deals with having to master a completely different bike is something very special. Now suddenly everyone is looking at us, even the other KTM guys, in the best sense of the word. The atmosphere in the whole project is unique."

So the young Spaniard's future seems already sealed. As we had already reported just three races after the start of the championship, KTM does not seem intent on letting Acosta slip away, already aiming for a two-year deal and with the obvious intention of moving him to the factory team. Hervé Poncharal is well aware of the interests at stake for the Austrian manufacturer.
"I am realistic ," the Frenchman then admits, " the chances of Pedro still racing in our team next year are not very high. We will probably lose him. But at the end of the day it's not really a loss, Pedro has a contract for next year and he will still be part of the Pierer Mobility Group. In the end, that's what matters."

The owner of the GASGAS Tech3 team, who is also president of IRTA, thus seems to be preparing for the rider's inevitable move to the factory team, while trying not to lose sight of the larger goal, delivering a title to KTM by snatching it from Ducati's hands.
"Pedro is open, confident and currently has the speed that can help Augusto, Jack and Brad grow as well. Our advantage is that we, Mr. Pierer, Hubert Trunkenpolz, Pit Beirer and Heinz Kinigadner, have the same understanding and a common vision of MotoGP. It is not just a question of whether Pedro will still ride for Tech3. I am happy that we made this decision together and that Pedro has a contract with such a strong factory," he concluded.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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