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MotoGP, Morbidelli: "We'll only be able to say I'm back when I resume winning."

"I'm still missing to become the Franco of 2020 again, but the feelings are positive and I hope I'm short. The 2027 regulations? It will increase the show and shuffle the cards among the drivers as well."

MotoGP: Morbidelli:

Franco Morbidelli arrives in France with confidence and positivity after the third place scored in Monday's Jerez test, completed in the aftermath of the Spanish GP. The first real day of testing for the Pramac Racing team standard bearer, who was forced to skip all pre-season testing due to the bad accident suffered in late January in Portimao.

"I am very confident. Last week I did many laps with this bike in one day, which were the thing I missed the most. I got very used to this Ducati and made a big step toward it on Monday in Jerez. In addition, we found my set-up, which allowed me to go even better, and I also went quite strong, so I'm very happy with how the test went and very confident to approach this weekend starting from the speed we had on Monday and compared to the other Grands Prix. It will be important to have a good Friday, then we will see where I am and what we can aim for," Franco said on the eve of the French weekend.

Although adapting to the Ducati is not easy, the Italian-Brazilian is successfully progressing on the path to making the Desmosedici his own.

"We are at a good point ," he admitted, " We all know that this is a process that never ends and even Marc Marquez, for example, is still learning from the Ducati. He says it himself that there are things he still needs to fine-tune. It is still in an embryonic stage, however, mine was much more so. This day of testing has served me well in moving forward, and I'm very eager to get started."

Despite being on the upswing after two particularly complicated years, Morbidelli is not yet back to the levels shown in 2020, but he hopes to be close by now. "I ' m not back to winning yet, so it's missing, but I hope it's a short time away ," he said, "My feelings are positive, however, we can say that I will be back only when I return to winning.

Speaking instead about the new MotoGP technical regulations, the Ducatista willingly learned about the changes made for 2027.

"I'm open to changes in the regulations and I like new things, so I'm curious to see them. It will definitely not be a change for the worst. There will be a beginning of adaptation and settling in, but in my opinion they are right moves to increase the show, which in the end is the most important thing in this sport ," said Frankie, who is convinced that the riders will be able to make more of a difference than at present: "Definitely. It will be a reshuffling of the cards not only between the manufactures, but also between the riders."

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