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MotoGP, Marini: "There are good races this year, too bad I watch them on TV!"

"I don't want to talk about the 2027 regulation, I'm focused on the present. I read the other riders' comments to the new Honda, maybe journalists misunderstood some statements, for me there is positive news."

MotoGP: Marini:

Luca Marini is facing a very complex season riding a Honda that is certainly facing its most difficult time in MotoGP. A season stingy with satisfaction, which unfortunately sees Luca constantly fighting at the back of the pack. But if it is true that the present does not bring satisfaction, at least Marini remains optimistic about the future and also defended the work of Honda, which in Jerez brought a true B version of the RCV to the track.

"Tests are always useful to us, for me it would be nice to do even more of them to improve - Marini's words - because now there is a lot missing even on the riding side of the bike. We should try to improve as soon as possible, which is not easy. But in Honda they are doing a great job all the engineers, the Japanese have brought us things that are slightly improving, but we need to put together the best possible package."

So you don't think the new RCV is a complete failure?
"Everything is slightly better, but little better. This is how progress is made today, pulling down many tenths all together is not possible, you have to work on one tenth at a time."

Do you think you will have more new parts soon to try?
"We still have to wait until the new package is all defined, then it also takes time to produce the new parts, which is also normal because they are produced in Japan and it takes the right cycle of checks to make sure everything is perfect when you then mount the parts on the bike."

Zarco bluntly rejected the bike brought to Jerez.
"I read the comments of the other riders, but honestly I don't know if their words were understood very well by the journalists . Let's say that the whole package we tried on the bike is difficult to evaluate as a whole, but in my opinion if you take the new things individually, there are positive things compared to the old bike. I've had my say, I think I've figured out the things that are better, so a kind of mixed new package will come."

Will it be important to test the new features at Mugello as well?
"Yes, it will be necessary to try them again at Mugello as well, because compared to Jerez they are two completely different tracks. If they work at Mugello, I would say we are on the right track."

What do you expect here in Le Mans?
"In this 2024 it is impossible to predict anything, but at least in Le Mans we will have good weather over the weekend. We have to wait until Friday to figure out our situation compared to our rivals, but honestly I don't think we will see anything too different from the other races."

Have you read the new regulations?
"Too far away to think about 2027. I'm focused on this year to try to improve the situation and I'm not thinking too much about the future. I can only say that the bike will be smaller and aerodynamically limited, so it will take a lot of investment and study to find solutions . As we have seen in recent years, aerodynamics is the aspect that has changed the bikes the most. You can dump power to the ground better, it stacks less, it makes the bike turn better. Already just having it reduced without taking it off completely will force the engineers to get underneath and find solutions to make it work better by having less surface area. It's not going to be easy."

Do you think we will see more spectacular races?
"I think that already with this year's tires things have improved a lot. The races this year are very good, too bad I only watch them on TV. They look better to me, though! Even behind there are good battles, those at least I can see."

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