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MotoGP, Barcelona Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bagnaia breaks the curse, Martin became an accountant, Marquez overtakes and dances, and Espargarò announces his farewell to the MotoGP with a pole position and a win in the Sprint.

MotoGP: Barcelona Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Barcelona is the city of Antoni Gaudí, but not even the architect's eclectic mind could've imagined such a GP. Dreams and nightmares colliding, overtakings and bras d'honneur, announced retirements and victories. Bagnaia, Marti, and Marquez know how to astonish and entertain, but Aleix Espargaró even move.

THE GOOD - Yes, good, but only half way. Bagnaia said he got tired of Black Saturdays and Golden Sundays, and so did we. A retelling of Stevenson's masterpiece, with Mr. Francesco and Dr. Bagnaia battling each other, but only one wins. The World Champion always knows how to make amends, but what a struggle.

THE UGLY - The entertainment the track was nothing to complain about (excellent and plentiful for the troop of fans), but what took place after the checkered flag was more like a rookie night. After the singing performance with his brother, with Alex in a Ricchi e Poveri version, Marq Marquez took to dancing on the air fences ... Racing definitely suits him better.

THE BAD - Freddie Spencer and his Stewards are specialists in "curious" decisions. They gave Bastianini a Long Lap that was like a slap in the face after what happened when he went off track due to a risky overtake. But Enea was impulsive, didn't get a punishment, and took a hefty half-minute penalty. This time, everyone goes behind the blackboard, so they can keep each other company.

THE DELUSION - Cabala specialists are still trying to figure out why Bezzecchi can't bear the number #23. That number after the GP initials plunged Marco into a nightmare. The real problem is that he can't wake up.

THE CONFIRMATION - On Thursday, he announced his retirement. On Saturday, he took the Pole and Sprint. On Sunday, he came close to the podium. Aleix Espargarò is a safety net for Aprilia, because his supposed heirs are evasive. It's the bitter aftertaste of a picture-perfect weekend. The old bull knows best.

THE ERROR - Jorge Martin's dive in qualifying was the only blunder. Otherwise, Pramac's Spanish rider demonstrated that he knows how to suffer and put away important points in his pocket, without being rash, as those who want to fight for the World Championship do.

THE SURPRISE - Raul Fernandez risked being filed away under the "hopeless causes" label. He was beginning to run low on excuses, but Barcelona's sea air seemed to be reinvigorating him. It finally did, and we liked him, to the extent that we forgive his tumble in the Sprint.

THE OVERTAKE - Marc Marquez and his comebacks were the big blowout. The most significant was Bagnaia's with Martin, not so much because of Jorge, but for the point: Turn 5, which also received a nice big "F you" from the World Champion during the lap of honor.

THE ANECDOTE - Only Ducatis are present on the podium for the third consecutive Grand Prix.

THE I TOLD YOU SO - Pecco Bagnaia had affirmed: "The Aprilia is the bike to beat in Barcelona." He has never been so happy to be wrong.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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