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MotoGP, Marquez: "An honour that Ducati holds me in such high regard after only 6 races"

Marc says he already feels "part of the brand," and the prospect of ending up at Pramac doesn't appeal too much to him. Martin makes his achievements count, but he's going up against a heavyweight

MotoGP: Marquez:

All of Borgo Panigale's top management was at Barcelona to celebrate the all-Ducati podium (the third in a row) on Sunday. Including Claudio Domenicali, the Rossa's CEO, who was able to enjoy the moment. Right from the parc ferme, where he went to greet his 'jewels' and no one could fail to miss his embrace with Marquez. A gesture on which far too much has been embroidered, because the big boss also gave the same treatment to Bagnaia and Martin, but it is normal that when Marc is involved, speculation abounds.

Especially at this time when Ducati has to decide who will be Bagnaia's teammate for the next two years. Emilio Pérez de Rozas, a journalist for El Periodico, asked Marquez about that embrace. "I am a Ducati rider," he replied with a smile, "I feel very considered within the company, within the brand, which is very important and it is an honour for me that after only six races I am held in such high regard. I already feel part of the brand. We are working together, they are getting to know me closely and they already know how I work."

The choice for the official team's second rider (which will not come during the Mugello GP, as stated by Ducati Corse's sporting director Mauro Grassilli) now seems to be narrowed down to the two Spaniards. Bastianini was in the shortlist, but his results are not helping him and at Barcelona he lost lucidity in the race when he did not accept the penalty (absurd as it was) given to him by the Stewards.

Martin has many arrows to his bow, because he is leading the world championship standings and also because he is a 'product' of Ducati, which brought him to MotoGP and brought him up in Pramac. Not to mention that he and Pecco have known each other since Moto3 (they shared a motorhome in the Aspar team days) and cohabitation would undoubtedly be less difficult.

On the other hand, Marquez is ... Marquez. An 8-time world champion, who gave up a lot of money last year to relaunch his career by choosing the Rossa, albeit unofficial. He has already succeeded and despite an outdated bike is still picking up one podium after another.

Logically, for Borgo Panigale the ideal choice would be to entrust Marc to the Pramac team (which in this way would definitely close the door to Yamaha) and dress Jorge in red. While, however, just a few weeks ago Marquez declared that what interested him for the future was "an official bike, no matter the colour," now his vision seems to have changed. In other words, the prospect of going to a satellite team - albeit 'Factory Supported' - does not appeal to him much. It should not be forgotten that he had already talked to Campinoti last year, but negotiations stalled over the length of the contract. Marc did not want a two-year deal, and the reason was clear: 2024 was needed to make everyone understand that time and injuries had not affected his talent, so that he would have an official team in 2025. The reasoning seems to be the right one, especially when it comes to a champion of his level, who cannot accept staying in a second team for too long.

So the headaches at Borgo Panigale are increasing, because promoting Marquez would mean losing Martin and thus giving a nice gift to Ducati's rivals (be they Aprilia or KTM). But the opposite is also true, if Marc does not get what he wants, then he might decide to move on.

There are still a few days to think about it, perhaps squaring the circle is still possible, or perhaps all that will remain is to choose the lesser of two evils.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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