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MotoGP, TGPone Mugello, Pernat: "Domenicali and Dall'Igna divided on Marquez"

VIDEO - Things aren't subsiding. Marquez discards Pramac, and Campinoti responds. Domenicali arrives at the circuit tomorrow. Will there finally be a breakthrough in the knot blocking the rider market?

MotoGP, TGPone Mugello, Pernat: "Domenicali and Dall'Igna divided on Marquez"
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Pecco Bagnaia sets the fastest lap on Friday at Mugello but collects a three-place grid penalty for messing with Alex Marquez. Too bad though that the penalty was inflicted after filming this TG with our own Carlo Pernat, Paolo Scalera, and Matteo Aglio, who were in Ducati's hospitality for the occasion. In any case, the track gave its verdict, with the welcome surprise of an Alex Rins who was able to get his Yamaha behind Pecco and ahead of an Acosta who continues being a KTM beacon.

Yet, the real catchphrase in the paddock remains the affair related to the second Ducati factory of 2025 and the name of who's going to have the honor and burden of taking it to the track. Signals keep coming in from everyone involved, and Marc Marquez discarded the Pramac hypothesis, leaving Ducati with a big problem, since they proboably hoped to make it all come together by securing Marc for Paolo Campinoti and his team, placing Martìn alongside Bagnaia. A move that would also ward off the specter of Yamaha, which is still in the midst of courting Pramac.

Tomorrow, Claudio Domenicali will arrive at Mugello and maybe try to find a solution to the conundrum that is, in fact, also blocking the entire riders market for the other teams that. at this point, are becoming increasingly impatient to make their own moves. Hear it all directly from Carletto Pernat, Paolo Scalera, and Matteo Aglio for a complete recap of the situation on Friday at Mugello.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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