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Stoner venomous: "New MotoGP rules good only for engineers"

Casey comments on the new regulations, "The only good thing is the elimination of lowerers, there are no other benefits to our sport."

MotoGP: Stoner venomous:

Casey Stoner has often been very critical of the current MotoGP, too influenced according to the Australian by factors outside the pure talent of the rider. At EICMA we had talked about it with him, listening to all his impressions (HERE you can see the video).Between aerodynamics, lowerers, increasingly pushed electronics and many other factors, Casey has often reiterated that he does not like what has become today the category that made him a legend. The new technical regulations might have been an opportunity to radically change things, but according to Stoner not enough has been done and he didn't think twice about commenting on it directly on the official MotoGP Social channels.

"The ONLY improvement to the current rules is the ban on ride height and the Holeshot device. Nothing else will benefit the sport for the future, only the engineers will get the benefits."

Automatic Translation by DeepL

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