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F1: Verstappen dominates the Sprint Race in Miami. Leclerc is second

The 19 laps of Saturday's mini-race had no history. Max won ahead of Charles. Third was Perez ahead of a surging Ricciardo able to fend off Sainz's attacks. Relegated to 16th position was a combative Hamilton.

Auto - News: F1: Verstappen dominates the Sprint Race in Miami. Leclerc is second

It was a spirited Sprint Race in F1 in Miami. The first twist occurred at the lights out when Fernando Alonso lost control of his Aston Martin, going to hit teammate Stroll, who in turn failed to miss Norris' McLaren. An episode that led to Lance and Lando's immediate retirement.

For a few seconds Max Verstappen 's lead was also in the balance thanks to Charles Leclerc's excellent start, but in the end the Ferrarista had to give way and Red Bull's championship race was on its own. Behind them in those mementos another battle was taking place, namely that between Sergio Perez, who started third, and Daniel Ricciardo, which ended with the Australian overtaking, after a few laps again put back behind by the Red Bull's bearer.

In the final, the Racing Bulls driver also had to contend with Ferrarista Carlos Sainz who, although he tried, never managed to be really dangerous.In sixth place came Oscar Piastri in a McLaren, ahead of Nico Hulkenberg's Haas and Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes. It was precisely the seven-time world champion who was the protagonist of a good battle with Kevin Magnussen. Head-to-head that saw Yuki Tsunoda's VCARB01, mocked by the Briton right at the checkered flag, slip in and get the better of the two quarrels.

Curiously, the Stevenage ace and the Dane suffered a rather severe penalty at the end of the race, the former for speeding in the pit lane being relegated to 16th place, while the latter even ended up in 18th for having, according to the marshals, gained an advantage from a chicane cut following a contact right with Ham.

Benefiting from those relegations sino were Pierre Gasly in Alpine, now ninth, and Logan Sergeant in Williams, 10th. Of note was the colorless 12th position of George Russell in W15.


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