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MotoGP, Di Giannantonio: "Tackling the race without the Sprint laps is difficult"

"Overall, I'm satisfied. We're getting closer, and there's chemistry with the team." Less positive instead Bezzecchi: "Hard to be satisfied with an 8th place, but I'm getting  confident on the GP23."

MotoGP: Di Giannantonio:

The Circuit of the Americas. where Viñales triumphed on his Aprilia, was instead more hostile for Giannantonio's and Bezzecchi's Ducatis. Starting respectively 8th and 10th on the grid, the two Pertamina VR46 team riders struggled in the early stages of the race, finishing respectively 6th and 8th on a physically demanding circuit. But while  newcomer Fabio says he's satisfied with his performance, despite the difficulties in the Sprint, Marco Bezzecchi was less positive on the GP23, since he struggling to find the right sensation and pace in these early rounds of the championship. Next stop is Jerez. And, with the tests and European circuits in the final stretch, it's going to be an opportunity for the rider from Rimini to figure out is Ducati.

"It's hard to be satisfied with an eight position. But we progressed some this weekend, and this is positive, given the level we're seeing in these races,"   Bezzecchi commented  at the end of the race. "As far as my riding style is concerned, I managed to improve in some areas of the track, So there are also some positive aspects to take into account after this weekend. It' s not the result I expected, but it's a start."

Soon they'll be testing in Jerez, which is an opportunity for the Italian rider to regain those sensations on the GP23 that he hasn't  experienced since the beginning of the season.
"I hope so," he continued. "the tests are going to  be very important for me. Last year ,I had nothing to test, and I only practiced on the starts. This year, on the other hand, I think we'll have many things to work on. It's also going to be an opportunity for the team to work on the set-up to improve my sensations on the bike and my riding style. Going back to the European circuits will be great, especially in terms of mindset and overall atmosphere."

Instead, Fabio di Giannantonio appeared more satisfied. Despite a 6th place in the race, he seemed to really appreciate the new team and the work carried out so far on his GP23.

"Tackling a race without doing many laps in the sprint in today's MotoGP is a big problem," he explained. "But, overall, I'm satisfied with the result also because, during free practice in the morning, the sensations hadn't been the best. So, I came to the race without much conviction, trying to give my best, seeing what would happen. My approach at the first corner wasn't the best, but then I did a couple of overtakes on riders who are strong in braking, like Miller. Halfway through the race, I tried to catch up with the faster riders, but their pace was on another level. It's our third top ten of the season. We're getting closer, and there's good chemistry building with the team."

How's your relationship with Bezzecchi evolving after your arrival in the team?
"With Marco, we compare ourselves a lot. Obviously, there are dynamics  you see in every team when a rider gets better placings. But, personally, I don't pay attention to that. I'm just focused on my work on the bike, and I have a good relationship with him," he responded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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