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MotoGP, Lorenzo challenges Pedrosa, but this time it's in the ring

From MotoGP circuits to boxing is a short step. With a video posted on Instagram during a training session in the gym, Jorge proposed a sui generis head-to-head to former opponent Dani, who bravely accepted the confrontation

MotoGP: Lorenzo challenges Pedrosa, but this time it's in the ring

They fought it out on the track, briefly in the then 250 cc class, but especially in MotoGP. It may be because compatriots between Lorenzo and Pedrosa soon ignited a certain rivalry, both on a sporting and human level, all good material for the media, the Spanish ones in particular, but also for lovers of two wheels, who enjoyed watching their duels.

Now that both are spectators of their sport with Jorge becoming a commentator for TV and Dani a test rider for KTM, the battle has moved to another plane.

Launching the challenge was the former Ducatista who straight from a boxing gym invited his erstwhile opponent to face him in the ring in a closed-door match.

Between the serious and the facetious, the 38-year-old from Sabadell, in spite of a physique not quite in line with what one would expect from a boxer agreed favorably stating in a video posted on Instagram. "Initially it seemed like a pretty crazy idea, but then I reconsidered. I'm feeling fit and the thought of delivering a couple of blows really intrigues me, so I accept."

The unprecedented and curious "boxing" match will be broadcast on the You Tube channel Dura la Vita of the Majorcan, who, from what can be understood from social media, just did not expect that his colleague would take the proposal willingly.


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