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SBK, Petrucci-Iannone and the new Pirelli tire puzzle in Barcelona

The two-day tests at Montmeló started this morning. Pirelli decided to replace the 800 that Andrea liked so much. But there's a new SCX solution and a new SC1 solution on their way, which could meet the needs of both.

SBK: Petrucci-Iannone and the new Pirelli tire puzzle in Barcelona

The Superbike is ready to start its engines again this morning at 10 a.m. for the two-day tests in Barcelona. There's definitely going to be lots of work to be done and also many innovations for all the new solutions brought by Pirelli in view of the first round in the Old Continent.

In fact, the Italian manufacturer will make be providing a new SCX 900 development tire to the teams and riders, which will replace the 800, and also a new front SC1 516.

There were lots of questions from Andrea Iannone and Danilo Petrucci regarding these new solutions. With the 800, which Pirelli has decided to replace, the Maniac had immediately found himself at ease, so much so that he was really impressive with his pace during the tests at the end of January: "With the 800, I was immediately  confident," the Go Eleven  rider said in Australia. "Unfortunately, they replaced it. Hopefully, we won't have to struggle with the new solutions we'll find later on."

At the same time, Petrux affirmed the following after the race in Australia"We're going to have races with softer tires, which I don't like. I preferred the hard ones used here in Phillip Island," he said, "I'm a rider who brakes hard, and I'm heavy. If I can't do that and go sideways to unload the front, the bike tends to go straight and close on the front, so I always have to correct it. That doesn't allow me to be really fast in qualifying. And, often, the time I reach I beat in the GP with the harder tires, because they allow me to turn the bike better with the rear. The X, for example, I can't stomach. Many like it because it performs well, but I can't seem to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, so many super poles will be made with that choice. We'll have to change things. I couldn't do that during the winter."

According to Ducati, however, these changes should meet the qualities of Andrea and Danilo, providing more support, especially for their style. We'll certainly know more at the end of this first test day.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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