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SBK, Petrucci: "in Barcelona you start with the bike, then you go by boat"

"Then we hope not to switch to the tractor in the gravel. The tires play a crucial role, because you don't realize how much they degrade. We're certainly not at the level of last year where my race was mayday."

SBK: Petrucci:

Danilo Petrucci can consider himself satisfied at the end of this first day of practice in Barcelona. Compared to last year, the sensations are quite different, because the Pramac bearer was able to confirm himself close to the top on the race pace, despite the eighth chrono on Friday.

So the glass is half full, although there will be tire wear to contend with in the race.

"I don't know why, but in Barcelona you have to take care more about tire wear than speed, " he said, "the risk is to find yourself suffering so much in the final. Unfortunately with the 900 you struggle in the second part of the race while with the SCX I was amazed by the simulation, where I lapped on the 1'42". What lies ahead will be a very tough race, because you try to manage but you have no idea how much you wear out the tire. At the same time, again because of the tires, you start that you ride a motorcycle, then you feel like you got on a boat going sideways (smiles). Then we hope not to switch to a tractor in the gravel (jokes)."

Jokes aside, Petrux appears calm and tanquil.
"Last year my race was mayday. Obviously it is always difficult to make assessments ahead of the weekend, because we are just at the beginning and this track is an unknown. I would like to be on the podium, aware that Bulega and Bautista have something more. As said I think I am in the game even if compared to last year the situation is different."

The last consideration is about the time attack.
"Let's say it is partially solved. I'm still not at my best, but we have taken a step forward."

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