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SBK, Petrucci: "Bautista isn't retiring. He'll also be racing next year."

"I don't think Alvaro is leaving. He's still in good shape. He likes what he does, and it doesn't burden him. Plus, he's found the method that makes him feel good, and he's competitive."

SBK: Petrucci:

We had a nice long chat with Danilo Petrucci during last week's BarSport. Besides talking about his recovery on a physical aspect, after his accident on the motocross bike, the Barni rider had his say regarding the MotoGP and SBK markets.

Alvaro Bautista's future is, in fact, holding court in the Superbike paddock, but the obvious question is: what will the Spanish rider do next year? Will he continue or will he hang up his helmet? Regarding world champion's 2025, Danilo has his own opinion: "I don't think Alvaro is going to leave," he said. "He's still in good shape, he likes what he does, and it doesn't burden him. Also, he's found his own method that makes him feel good, considering that his family supports him, as does his whole team. To date, he's still competitive on the track."

The Barni rider added, "Obviously, a lot will depend on how much they'll offer him and how fast Bulega will be," he added. "But my impression is that he'll continue for another year. I haven't talked about that with Alvaro, but that's my feeling and what I think."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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