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SBK, Vergani: "Bautista will continue with Ducati in 2025, Petrucci and Bassani won't move"

"Alvaro has recovered physically despite the ballast and has everything he needs to continue. However, he will have to watch out for Bulega, not just Toprak, because he has a not easy teammate, perhaps like never before."

SBK: Vergani:

In addition to MotoGP, we also exchanged a few words with Alberto Vergani about the Superbike rider market. As we know, the manager from Milan looks after the interests of Petrucci and Bassani, respectively committed to the Barni Ducati and Kawasaki.

However, keeping everyone in check on the negotiation front is Alvaro Bautista, who will soon communicate what his future plans will be, namely to continue racing or hang up his helmet. On the subject Alberto Vergani has little doubt.

"I think that Alvaro will continue to race with Ducati next year," he told us, "in the Aruba team he is so comfortable that he has won two World Championships. In addition to the team, he enjoys a great relationship with both Stefano Cecconi and Serafino Foti, as a result he is not missing anything. The clock is ticking for him as well, but Alvaro is a rider who trains a lot to keep himself in top physical condition, and his state of fitness is there for all to see."

Can we therefore say that it's all done and dusted in Aruba?
"Alvaro has shown a great recovery from last season's bad injury and has managed to win despite the ballast. Obviously Toprak is a champion and will give him a hard time until the last, but not only him. I think Bulega is making a really extraordinary start to the Championship and Alvaro has never had such a strong teammate in these years. For sure it is not easy for him with a teammate like Nicolò, but what makes the difference is that Bautista is having fun on the Ducati and he is happy. This is the determining aspect for him, which goes beyond anything else."

Petrucci on the other hand?
"Danilo we all expect him to get back on the track. As we all know he had to deal with a very bad injury, but one step at a time he is recovering to be competitive again on the Panigale V4. Barring any sensational twists and turns I think Petrux will go on with Barni next year as well, since with Barnabò and the whole team we get along very well and there is great harmony and mutual trust."

Same for Axel on the Bimota front as well....
"I would definitely say yes. With Axel there is a targeted growth project over two years with the goal of quickly tailoring the bike. Obviously jumping from a Ducati onto a Kawasaki is not an easy thing, but he is a rider who is not afraid of these challenges. In these first races I think he has shown growth, already finishing in the top 10. In other situations he could perhaps have picked up more, but he was unlucky, but everyone at Kawasaki is aware that Bassani's is a path of growth with no rush or stress. I think Bassani is experiencing his first real season as a professional, in which he is learning many new dynamics, so as a result Kawasaki is the challenge he needs "


Translated by Julian Thomas

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