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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "I don’t think Marquez will dominate, I have some question marks about him"

Jorge expressed his doubts about Marc: "it will depend on how long it takes him to understand the Ducati, on whether the GP24 is better than the 2023 and on the condition of his arm"

MotoGP: Lorenzo:

In exactly seven days’ time the first Sprint race of the year will take place in Qatar and that race will provide the first certainties about the form factor of the various riders. Especially one: Marc Marquez. The Spanish champion left Honda to join Ducati and expectations for him are very high, but the proof of the pudding will only lie in the track. Jorge Lorenzo knows something about this, as he spoke to about his former rival.

“His debut on the Ducati was so impressive, after the first day of testing in Valencia everyone was thinking that Marc was going to win all the races, but I don't think it will be like this – was the Majorcan's opinion - In Sepang he had some difficulties and I have some question marks with Marc this year.

Lorenzo then went into more detail about his doubts.

“The first one is how much time it will take him to understand the Ducati, it looks like he still didn’t understand the way to ride the bike, he's still riding it a little like the Honda - he underlined - The second should be how much the difference will be between the 2023 and the 2024 Ducati, how much it has evolved the bike in a year. It seems to me that the difference is quite big and Bagnaia and Martin are not bad riders, they are one of the best, and if they have a better bike than Marc, who has much less experience than them on the Ducati, this could be a very important key”.

The last question mark surrounds his arm, which has been operated on over and over again in the past.

“The third will be his physical condition: is his arm fully recovered or still need some time to get to the maximum or will he ever be the same again? Only Marc knows the answer” concluded Jorge.


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