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MotoGP, PHOTOS - Marc Marquez “guides” 400 bikers on Phillip Island

The 8-time World Champion leads a ride-in on the circuit. Acosta, Kelso, and Wayne Gardner were also with him.

MotoGP: PHOTOS - Marc Marquez “guides” 400 bikers on Phillip Island

It’s not every day that you get to do a lap with an 8-time world champion at Phillip Island. But this dream came true for more than 400 bikers. Marc Marquez, along with Pedro Acosta, Wayne Gardner, and Joel Kelso, met fans at San Remo, the town from which the bridge that connects the mainland to the island begins.

After a chat with his fans, Marc got on his bike and led all the bikes into the circuit. “It was  great,” Marquez commented. “It was incredible to see all the bikes behind us and be able to do a slow lap on the circuit with all the fans. It’s important because we have many races in Europe, and Australia may seem far away, but we spent a pleasant hour with all our motorcycle fans here. I’m coming from a difficult weekend in Mandalika, where I wasn’t able to manage the situation well, especially on Sundays. But I’ve learned and will try to regain confidence. It’s a circuit I like, but I have to stay calm.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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