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MotoGP, Quartararo: "This morning I had an aggressive treatment that gave me arm pump"

“In the second part of the race I was suffering. I raced with the 2021 base and will never touch anything on the bike again. I wasn't on the podium, but I could have been in the top five"

MotoGP: Quartararo: "This morning I had an aggressive treatment that gave me arm pump"


Fabio Quartararo tries to see the glass half full at the end of the French GP, where he finished in seventh position behind Brad Binder's KTM. Today the world championship runner-up had to deal with his arm, which limited him a lot in the race.

It certainly wasn't an easy weekend for the Frenchman in front of his home crowd, but he has no intention of throwing in the towel just yet.

"I don't think I made any comeback today, because six riders in front of me ended up on the ground - admitted the Yamaha rider sincerely - Today was a tough race, because this morning I got treatment before the race. It was a bit too aggressive, the arm pump was there.”

So that was the reason for his problems in the race.

“From the middle of the race I started to feel bad and I was suffering. Most probably I wouldn't have been able to fight for the podium, but I could have finished in the top five. Too bad, because this morning I didn't have the idea of doing that type of treatment, in fact I preferred physiotherapy. In the end, however, those who follow me closely felt that it was reasonable to do that type of treatment.”

Attention then switched to the race.

 “I had the pace, even if six riders crashed in front of me. Of course, when you find yourself fighting in the group it's never easy, because you constantly have to stress the tyre. The fact is that we managed to take a small step forward and that's positive."

In all of this, Fabio reveals what he did with his Yamaha.

“I used the 2021 base without touching anything on the bike. With the team we have decided that this is the way forward. We did a thousand tests and I understood that every time there is a problem I will adapt”.

His final comment was about the race for the world championship.

"We will see. At the moment we are far from the top. In the situation I'm in, I’m not thinking about the World Championship."


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