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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "An unfortunate accident that both Vinales and I could have avoided"

"Every time I think about keeping calm, something happens, maybe I should follow my instinct. Too many contacts? It would be better if there was more difference between the factory and customer bikes, like in the past"

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Pecco Bagnaia limped into the press room, the accident with Vinales had consequences not only on the morale of the Ducati rider, but also on his physique. “I have pain in my right ankle, it doesn't seem like anything is broken but now it's very swollen, there's a sprain. There's time before Mugello, I'm not worried” was the update on his clinical picture, before talking about what happened on the track with Maverick.

"Yes, I can have different points of view, in my opinion it was an unfortunate circumstance, clearly a race incident – was his opinion - We could have avoided it: Vinales could have been more careful in returning to the racing line, instead of acting as if I weren't there, and I could have come off the gas. I didn't see him, he didn't consider me and what happened, happened. It's a shame, in 5 races for the third time I had the pace to win and I didn't succeed".

Just after the accident you pushed each other in the run-off area.

“Certain moments of tension are wrong, they are not nice to look at and I didn't like my reaction, but sometimes adrenaline plays tricks, I'm not angry with him. I was with the Stewards before and I asked to call Maverick because I think we have to improve on that and we have to speak with the two riders that commit the mistakes. They have to speak with each other to share their point of view. My advice is that you always do it when you have to give a penalty or there is contact with a crash, talking is always the best way to deal with things".

Did you resolve everything?

“Our point of view is now identical. It was unlucky circumstances and one thing that makes me smile is that it happened from two of the most clean riders on the grid. So it can happen to everybody.”

The number of accidents seems to be increasing, why do you think?

“For two years we've been trying to win on the first lap, even those who don't have the potential to do so try to overtake 6 riders in one lap. It doesn't work like that, we're all at the limit and we're all on track to reach the maximum goal, but if I'm already braking at the limit, it's wrong to try to do something more. Accidents happen more in the early stages of the race because there is too much agitation. We should think about it to improve the situation because this is not safe ”.

What could be your idea?

“By now everyone can win, there are no longer those 6 or 7 tenths of a difference that there were in the past between factory bikes and customer bikes, they served to limit accidents. The Fantastic 4 (Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo and Pedrosa, ed.) were the strongest riders ever, but they also had the factory bikes, the others didn't even have the technical potential to stay ahead. Now the level is extreme, everything is pushed to the limit. Every rider has a chance to win, Augusto Fernandez finished 4th today, he's a world champion but he's also making his MotoGP debut. The race pace was certainly not very fast, apart from what Bezzecchi held, and this meant that the group was united. In my opinion, we need to go back to having a bit of a gap between the factory bikes and the customer ones, or find a solution to avoid certain accidents".

Does having less time for practice affect it?

"No, but we should still ask for FP1 to no longer count for direct entry into Q2 so that we have 45 minutes to work."

What makes you most angry about today?

“The fact that I could have been here smiling. In that moment of the race the pace was slow and every time I think I have to wait, something happens, maybe it's better to follow my instincts. At turn 7 I thought about overtaking Marquez, but then I decided to wait. And I crashed. I've shown that I'm always in front, one of the most competitive riders, but I'm first in the standings by just one point. I crashed in Argentina and in Austin, I'm lucky there are sprint races, otherwise I'd be behind. It's something I want to understand during this break: every time I think I'm calm, I make a mistake or crash for some reason."


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