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MotoGP, Bagnaia: “Being the best rider excites me more than being champion”

“Will I use 1 or 63? I’ll decide on Tuesday, right before taking the presentation photos. On my first date with Domizia, I ended up crashing my car against a pole. She gave me another chance, and that’s when I understood that she cared about me.”

MotoGP: Bagnaia: “Being the best rider excites me more than being champion”


Pecco Bagnaia was a guest on the program, “Che Tempo che Fa”, on the Rai3 Italian TV channel. He was interviewed by Fabio Fazio about his recent success in the MotoGP on the Ducati, which he brought to the studio. It was an opportunity for the champion to talk about himself and his endeavors last year.

His mother, Stefania, sister Carola, and fiancé Domitia (whom he proposed to on December 24th) were in the audience. “On our first date, in Piazza Castello in Turin, the cobblestones were wet, and I crashed my car into a pole. That’s when I knew she cared about me, because we went ended up going on a second date,” Pecco said jokingly.

The Ducati rider also talked about his first encounter with motorcycles as a child: “My maternal grandfather gave me my first bike. He built it, and it had three wheels. When I was five years old, I received a cross mini bike, and I’d try to touch the ground with my knees. From then on, it became clear that the path I wanted to follow was speed.

A journey that led him to the top of the world. “Every now and then I think about it. I tell myself that I’m the fastest rider in the world on a motorcycle, and that moves me almost more than being the MotoGP champion. When I signed the contract with Ducati, I knew that if we got things in order, we’d be able to achieve a great result together.

Valentino Rossi also intervened with a message to his student.

I asked Valentino to assist me as a coach, but I know that it’s difficult for him to deal with everything, car races and being a dad,” he said. “We talked a lot on the phone this year and, when he came to the GP, I asked him to come to the track to see me. Valentino has always been my idol. He taught me to remain calm, enjoy every moment, and celebrate.

Many wonder if Bagnaia will use the number 1 or 63 on the Ducati this year. We’ll have to wait a few more days for his decision. “I’ve changed my mind many times. First, I had chosen the one. Then, on vacation, sixty-three. I’ll decide on Tuesday when we take the presentation photos. I’ll go there with both numbers and attach the one I feel is right at that moment.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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