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MotoGP, Viñales: "The ride height device gave way at 180 km/h, it was dangerous"

"I first thought I had flat because the Aprilia ahd dropped. Quartararo? He's taking advantage of the Yamaha's potential like no one else, but Marquez wasn't on the track"

MotoGP: Viñales:

Maverick Viñales  probably feels like kicking himself because the lowering device put him out of action in the race for the podium at the Sachsenring. Aprilia’s Spanish rider was really confident riding his RS-GP on the German track, but this inconvenience ruined his plans.

But even if he was no longer part of the scene, Maverick still sees the glass half full, based more on the sensations he felt.

"Too bad about the race,” Maverick commented. “Today I felt really competitive. At the start, I managed to overtake Marini and Martin, finding a good pace. But I’m happy with the improvements on the Aprilia in the past year, and I think that we’ll soon be able to be constantly there with the best. I had fun in the race. Then, ten laps from the end, I was forced to stop due to the  lowering device."

The Spanish rider explained the incident.
"As I was about to attack Aleix, I started to feel some vibrations, and I couldn’t figure out why. At turn eight, at 180 km/h, the front closed and, at that moment, I realized that the lowering device broke, since the RS-GP got lower, and I had my feet on the ground. I tried to turn it off, but I couldn't fix it. At first I thought I had a flat tire, but I didn't.”

The decision to return to the garage was inevitable.
"It was impossible for me to ride, so I decided to stop because staying on the track would be too dangerous. It was too bad, because I knew I had a margin against Aleix but, unfortunately, that inconvenience ruined my race. I tried to start again, but there was no way."

Then he talked about Assen.
"We need to take it one step at a time, stay focused and calm, knowing that this is the right attitude. I’m still happy because we made important progress, despite the need to improve in qualification. But we’re getting closer to the top, considering that I suffered a lot here at the Sachsenring last year."

Maverick doesn't refrain from joking.   
“Usually, I was used to starting up front on the grid, where the other riders are usually nicer,” he said jokingly. "Instead it’s a jungle in the back, because everyone slips in where they want. The important thing is to have overtaken several times on a track that is certainly not simple."

His last comment was about Quartararo.   
"Fabio is making the most of the M1’s potential, and he was great, but we can’t forget that Bagnaia was unlucky today, and Marquez wasn’t there, I’m still trying to adapt to the Aprilia."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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