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MotoGP, Martin: "I owe a lot to Aleix, he helped me when I had nothing"

Jorge Martin second in Argentina behind an uncontrollable Aleix. "I owe him a lot. He made me a better rider. Glad he beat me. This was the best weekend of this season for me." Good chance of winning in Austin.

MotoGP: Martin: "I owe a lot to Aleix, he helped me when I had nothing"


Jorge Martin, former rookie of the year, shakes off the bad luck he's been having since the first races and met his expectations in qualifying. After a perfect race, in which he reached a first position and defended himself from the attacks of Aleix Espargarò's Aprilia for a good part of the race, he was unfortunately forced to give way to his rival and friend, Aleix, who seemed uncontrollable today. A second place that’s worth gold for the Spanish rider who, in the previous two races, had totaled 0 points in the rankings but who, with this result, now gets a chance to face the championship like someone who wants to win the title.

You must be happy with this result. Defending your position for so long must not have been easy, especially with the pressure of a difficult start to the championship.
"I’m really happy to have finished the race with a good result,”  Jorge said. “The feeling and bike were both perfect. It was one of the best weekends of my career. I gave it my all. It wasn’t easy with the conditions of the track in this state. I knew that Aleix was faster than me in some areas, while my strength was braking. I’m really happy for his victory. He’s a good friend, and he deserved this result. I’m glad he’s the one who beat me."

When did you realize Aleix had more to give? What made the difference?

"There was a point at turn four where I couldn't get the throttle as open as I wanted, while he was really fast at that point. But I expected it. Aleix was fast all weekend. From the first laps, I felt that he’d pass me sooner or later, and that’s what happened four laps from the end, despite having tried several times to push him to make mistakes, which he didn’t make. But I’m happy with this result. I hope to be able to repeat in Austin. It’s a track I like, and I fought for the podium last year, so I think I can do well. Now I want to enjoy this moment. The start of the season wasn’t easy, and I’m also happy for the team. They worked well."

The circuit also had several bumps that created problems for more than one rider. How does a rider manage these obstacles?
"I think there are only two choices. Adapt to the track or try to adapt the bike. In my case, I tried to adapt to the conditions of the track, and it went well."

All the bikes this year seem to have great potential. It’s no coincidence that there are several constructors on the podium. Is it the most fought championship ever?
"In the past, there was a lot of talk about circuits favorable to this or that bike. Now it's not like that anymore. All the bikes are equally competitive at very high levels, and the difference is being made by the riders. It’s not surprising that the level has gone up so much."

This championship continues to hold surprises, proof of the high level of competition this year. After three races, you had nine different riders on the podium. What do you think of Aleix's success today? I know you two have a great relationship.
I know how hard he worked for this result, and he deserved it, but I think this victory of his is even more special. He helped me a lot in the past during my career. He’s often given me advice to make me a better rider, and he also helped me in other ways, helping me even when I needed parts for the bike or giving me food when I needed it, since I come from a humble family. So, I’m really happy for him, and we’ll definitely go get a beer together later,” Jorge said just before Aleix hug him, grateful for the words received in a beautiful gesture of friendship and sportsmanship.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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