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LIVE Bar Sport - Dall'Igna: here is the new MotoGP!

VIDEO - Gigi will be with us to talk about the new technical regulations coming into effect in 2027, including a ban on shape shifters, new displacement and aerodynamic limitations. Get your questions ready

MotoGP: LIVE Bar Sport - Dall'Igna: here is the new MotoGP!

The new MotoGP technical regulations, effective from 2027, have been officially unveiled, and many of the anticipations we had reported have turned out to be correct. The displacement of the bikes will drop to 850cc, there will be stricter limits on aerodynamics and a ban on the use of 'lowerers'. But these are not the only changes, because there will also be sharing of riders' GPS data between teams, something that affects the sport in a very important way.

Studying the regulations, understanding their 'holes' and taking advantage of them has undoubtedly been one of the most effective weapons of Gigi Dall'Igna and Ducati in recent seasons, with the work done at Borgo Panigale actually drastically changing both the appearance and the performance of the prototypes, taking them to impressive levels. Tomorrow night the engineer from Veneto will be a guest on our Bar Sport to tell us his impressions of this new regulation and also how they will be addressed.

The LIVE will be broadcast on Wednesday, May 8, but we have not yet set a time with the exalted Gigi, who is struggling with preparations for the Le Mans round. As always, our LIVE will be broadcast on our YouTube channel, our Facebook page and our Twitch channel. So get your questions ready and stay tuned!

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