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MotoGP, Viñales: "Thank you Aprilia for understanding me, my emotions are too deep"

Maverick commented on his decision not to race in Austin following the death of  his cousin, Dean: "It's hard to stay focused in this situation."

MotoGP: Viñales:

Maverick Viñales has decided not to race in Austin following the death of his cousin, Dean Berta, which affected him and his entire family. The Spanish rider, who arrived in the United States, realized he wouldn’t be able to get on the track, so he preferred to return to Spain to be close to his loved ones.

Maverick explained his decision on Instagram.

Thank you Aprilia for understanding my situation and for kindly accepting it,” his stated. “I would have liked to race for my cousin but, at the moment, my emotions are too deep and it makes it difficult for me to remain distant and focused. Thank you all."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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