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MotoGP, Marquez: "Doohan's story helped and reassured me"

"When you have this kind of an accident, you have to deal with three factors, the first is time, then there are the errors without a solution, and finally the expectation"

MotoGP: Marquez:

The watchword can only be redemption. After his Silverstone crash involving Jorge Martin, Marc Marquez arrives in Aragon with the intention of turning over a new leaf. The Spaniard aims to reverse the course after two consecutive crashes, so as a result expectations are high.

On paper, therefore, MotorLand seems to be the right track from which to get going again after the disappointments of Red Bull Ring and Silverstone

“Aragon is a track that I like, with lots of left-hand corners, so I shouldn't be putting too much strain on my elbow - he started off - but the expectations cannot be those of last year. I will see what happens during the weekend, even if inside of me I am calm and serene. Unfortunately I arrive at this race after two races that were not positive, but still important irrespective of the result. Both in Austria and in Great Britain I felt good with the bike and was able to be fast "

Too bad that at Silverstone his race ended after a few kilometres…

“Normally in the first laps I try to find a good position, but it isn’t the same starting from the first or second row as from the third or fourth row. It’s completely different. It’s true that most of this year, during the first laps, I gain a lot of positions, because it’s one of my strong points and I need to take profit from it. But we need to improve our speed because the further in front you start the easier everything becomes. We struggle more on fast laps, and I’m more or less able to have good race pace now. You have to stay with the front group in the early laps because if you lose them you lose the race.”

All of this takes effort.

“The struggle in the fast lap is because of the shoulder because with the new tyre everything becomes more physical. When you have a lack of grip, you have some movement and everything is softer. You have to ride smoother. But in a fast lap with very high grip, everything is more aggressive and that’s where I’m still struggling. I can’t take the profit of a new tyre.”

At the same time there is also the work related to the development of the bike.

“If we make changes to the Honda it is because we are not completely competitive. Obviously we are working to improve, even if some are new and not yet explored areas. In my mind I know how to move, but it is not easy to put the work into practice following certain specifications, because maybe you don't have certain results ".

Marquez has Mick Doohan in mind. As we all know, during the winter Marc had the opportunity to speak with the Australian, who also had to deal with a bad accident in the past.

“Mick's story helped and reassured me, because we talked about this issue for a long time. When you have an accident like mine, you have to deal with three factors. The first is the time factor, which is the time it takes to adapt the bike to my style. Then there is the factor linked to all those errors that do not seem to have a solution. Maybe you think you are comfortable with the bike in a certain point and then you end up on the ground, as has already happened. Finally, there is the factor linked to expectations, that is, having patience. Inside I would like to be 100% and ride as I want, but I am aware that my expectations are far from the current reality ".


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