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MotoGP, Aleix Espargarò flies to Barcelona: suspected compartment syndrome

The Aprilia rider left the Jerez tests to have his right arm checked: ready for surgery if necessary


Compartment syndrome is a problem that many more riders are suffering from. The performance of the current MotoGP bikes (including brakes and tires) puts a strain on their bodies, and forearms seem to be the weak point of many. After Qatar, Jack Miller had to have surgery to resolve this problem, and Fabio Quartararo’s case was emblematic yesterday, going from a first place in the race to a thirteenth, due to problems with his forearm.

He wasn't the only one to suffer from it. Even Petrucci complained about it, and the same goes for Aleix Espargarò. The Aprilia rider (after slipping on the oil leaked by Vinales’ bike) decided to finish the tests early and fly directly from Jerez to Barcelona to have his right arm checked.

Aleix had already had surgery for the same problem in 2009 but, at the time, the surgery didn’t involve the total removal of the muscle sheath, which could have healed over time.

The doctors will assess the situation and, if surgery is necessary, Espargarò will immediately enter the operating room, so that he can race at Le Mans in less than two weeks.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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