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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Social media is a game and I say what I think"

Jorge on the spat with Miller and Espargarò: "When someone tries to discredit you, you have to stop him. I wouldn't go back on my retirement. Pol has the right style for Honda"

MotoGP: Lorenzo: "Social media is a game and I say what I think"


For the first time in many years Jorge Lorenzo is not on the track for the winter tests. While in 2020 he made his appearance at Sepang as a Yamaha test rider, now he is definitely retired and in these days he is enjoying himself on the white sandy beaches of the Maldives. The Majorcan is still the protagonist on social media however, due to back and forth vitriol with Jack Miller and Aleix Espargarò. It all started with a comment by him ("I told you") on Instagram under the photo of Crutchlow's crash. From then on, things went downhill rapidly….

"When I reply to someone on social media, I don't give them the importance that others give them. For me it's a kind of game and I’m having fun” explained Jorge to AS.

Between Lorenzo and Jack and Aleix there is very little good blood and they decided to face each other in a public arena, with everything that goes with it.

The Majorcan, however, defended his decision: “I have always said that I would like a world in which people say what they think. That's what I try to be. I've always admired people who are like this and I've always wanted to be like this. Once I was like that, but I had to be careful because I represented a number of brands, now that I represent a lot less and I don't have to give explanations to anyone, I'm even more myself and I say what I think. I think it's not a bad thing to say what you think, to be direct, and when someone tries to discredit you or speak badly about you, you have to stop them and tell them that if they go down that path, it will also have consequences. This is my mentality ”.

In short, rider ‘instinct’ does not stop at the track and if there is a bit of scrapping to do, even if only in words, Lorenzo accepts the challenge. Regarding the track, however, the matter seems to be definitively closed.

"I would not go back - he assured - Now that I can live things that I could not do before, and that I love, I think I have made the right decision. It is true that if I had continued to fight to win races and world championships, now I would be even if I raced. If I hadn't had the injury at Assen in 2019, I would have raced for Honda last year and who knows, with what happened to Marquez, how things would have changed. But I don't waste one second thinking about what might have happened, because worse and better things could have happened to me. In general, I am satisfied with what I have achieved and I don't think about it too much ".

One final comment was reserved for Pol Espargarò’s debut on the Honda.

“It's a great debut. He was ahead of Nakagami and Alex and it's a great sign for him and for Honda, because it shows that he likes the bike, that he won't have any problems in adapting – was Jorge's opinion - I have always considered Pol a very fast and aggressive rider and, from what I've experienced at Honda, it seems you have to have that style to go fast on that bike ”.


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