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MotoGP, Pileri: "He helped Capirossi to win the title, with Barros he made the leap into being a manager"

Gresini’s former team manager, Francesco Pileri, remembers the seasons with Loris and Fausto in the team: "When I shut up shop, he took Barros and started his new career"

MotoGP: Pileri:

The strongest 125cc team ever was the one made up of Fausto Gresini and Loris Capirossi, 'invented' by Francesco and Paolo Pileri. It was 1990 when Francesco put a very young Capirex alongside Fausto.

It was a world championship similar to the one just experienced last year in MotoGP: it seemed that nobody wanted to win it when the favourite, Gresini, who had already been world champion in 1985 and 1987, broke an ankle bone in his foot thus bidding farewell to his dreams of glory .

Francesco, a visionary manager, tells us all about those times...

"In 1990 after that incident Fausto was lost. He didn’t only give us a hand, but his entire arm to help Loris win the world championship. In 1991, however, he wanted to fight with Loris. We were at Donington, and that season Fausto won two Grands Prix, getting on the podium nine times in total. For all the love that I have for you, I said to him, let Capirossi go, don't try to go after him, just don't do it, don't hurt yourself. Loris is 17 years of age, he feels like a champion ... I told him on Saturday after qualifying, and on Sunday he crashed. I was so disappointed ”.

The relationship between the two was in any case excellent. Rivals on the track, friends in the pits. The friendship and professional relationship between Francesco Pileri and Fausto Gresini did not end with his retirement.

“When he stopped racing I took him with me to my team as a coach of Barros in 1996, and when I had 'my problems', he teamed up with Honda Brazil and his adventure as a team manager started from there. It was 1997 ".


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