MotoGP, Lin Jarvis: "Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez on the track are two killers"

In the DAZN documentary the rivalry between the two champions. Dovizioso: "they have the same egoism and I'm not saying it in the negative sense". Gibernau: "Valentino needs to hate his opponent"


Dazn Spain has made a documentary that explores the rivalry between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. The two champions are compared through the words of those who know them well, team managers, opponents, technicians.

Lin Jarvis, Yamaha's MotoGP boss, has no doubts in finding a point of contact between the two: "they both want to 'destroy' their rivals, I saw it in Valentino in his early days when he was champion. He would do anything to win and Marc is the same. On the bike they are both 'killers' ”.

Even for Andrea Dovizioso, who went up against both of them on the track, they have the same DNA. “They are very different, but similar in their basis, in their egoism, and I don't say this as something negative, in their determination to achieve something. Instead, they are very different in their attitude and approach” was his opinion

Sete Gibernau recalled his relationship with the Doctor: Valentino needs to generate a lot of personal hatred towards the rider he's fighting with in order for it to work for him. It is his way of seeing things. We were good friends, but when we started to clash on the track, we didn't have a good relationship and we won't have it anymore ”.


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