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MotoGP, Pernat: "Dovizioso like Rossi: an Academy for young riders, but in motocross"

VIDEO - "Lorenzo in Aprilia? Excellent move, but I have big doubts about Jorge's desire. If Portimao were cancelled, 3 races at Valencia, or the final GP at Jerez"

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While the MotoGP riders’ market has been closed for some time now (with the only question mark surrounding Iannone for obvious reasons), the matter of the test riders has flared up in recent weeks. Also because there are two big names at stake, those of Dovizioso and Lorenzo.

Carlo Pernat has been talking about it in our Live broadcast, which you can see in full above.

Regarding Andrea, reckoned to be one step away from Yamaha as a tester, the Italian manager revealed an indiscretion that he would always be seen on track, but in the midst of jumps and mud.

"Andrea Dovizioso wants to create an Academy, like Valentino, but for young motocross riders based at the Monte Coralli track in Faenza. I am 80% convinced," were his words.

This commitment, however, would not rule out seeing him also as a MotoGP test rider.

"Going the way of Honda would have been the most logical choice, but now Dovizioso would be of little use because they have already managed to make a bike that everyone can ride - explained Pernat - The only path for Andrea is that of Yamaha, who would need him. But he is a rider who costs, I think at least two million euros”.

Dovi would then take the place of Lorenzo, who is talking to Aprilia…

“Max Biaggi was important, he sponsored Lorenzo - revealed Carlo - Jorge, however, must look in the mirror and understand what he wants to do when he grows up. If I were Rivola I would ask him if he still wants to be a test rider, if he were to answer yes, as I think he will, it would be a good move, he could give excellent indications. If Aprilia manages to grab him, it would mean that it has increased its resources and that would be good news ”.

Having said that, Pernat is not entirely convinced of Lorenzo's desire and, if he were at the head of Aprilia, he would take some sort of safeguarding measures...

"The impression that Lorenzo has given me in recent months is that of having pulled the plug. I have big doubts about him, I would make him a contract in which I would only pay him if he were to ride" he opined.

The last subject, but not in order of importance, regards the final Portimao race, which is at risk due to the Covid emergency.

"Carmelo already has a Plan B and it might not necessarily be that of doing 3 races in Valencia, or moving to Jerez for the last Grand Prix - revealed Pernat - The championship has already been mutilated and Dorna wants to bring it to an end".


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